Account Basics

Why should I have to create an account? Which benefits do I have with an account? 

Registering for an account is a must to place an order on our website. This also allows you to access a wide ranges of benefits including:

  • Manage your purchase history
  • Add products to your shopping cart
  • Get multiple discounts on your birthday and other special occasions 
  • Be among the first to know about our promotion events
  • Save credits/coupons from special GroupBuy cases

How do I create a new account?

  1. Click on 
  2. Fill out your email address and password
  3. Click on the Register bkutton
  4. Follow the instructions on your confirmation email

What if I encounter login problems?

The common reasons for login problems are the wrong username or wrong password. So, please check your account’s information.

If you fill in the right username and password, yet you cannot still log in to your account, you should try some suggestions below. 

  • Clear all cookies and caches 

If you use the Chrome browser, you should follow the instructions below.  

  1. Open Chrome.  
  2. Click More More at the top bottom right corner. 
  3. Click More tools then choose to Clear browsing data
  4. Choose the time frame you want to delete cookies. If you want to delete everything, select All time
  5. Check the boxes of “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files”. 
  6. Click Clear data. 

In the case of using other browsers, such as Safari, Firefox, etc., the process can be different. So, check its support site for detailed guides! 

  • Check Add-Ons 

Some add-ons can cause login problems. So, take a look at the extensions in association with certain websites! If necessary, you should delete them to smooth the process. 

What if I forget my password?

In the right corner of the Login area, click on HeWheZGffNZB15 aWN2 p JcSVIbP2qEW1G08p ETsNx CV0Q vv6fQB qOzNpq7nCvfpHq4uawE1rGOjt2YRVX5RwV1Uknb1X3ptarvo V MBph5fPMAZrtPMJF0Ohn8dM8HLXyAmVQfOUKtg to receive the link for new password creation via email.

There are some tips for not handling such issues related to passwords. 

  • You can check the box GGs1lRkysUls8c5cmbfVRojs WOZ62CO975et in the login area to keep a record of your username and password.  
  • Using the function of ‘Manage Passwords’ of your browser is advisable. In the case of Chrome, you can follow the instructions below. 
    • Click Profile Profile at the top right, then click Passwords Passwords
    • If you cannot find the Password icon, click More More => Settings => Autofill => Passwords. 
    • Turn Offer to save passwords on. 

Why don’t I receive any verification email?

If the message does not reach your email inbox, please check your spam or promotion folder again. In case you do not find it in both places, please contact us via for further assistance. 

What if I do not receive a password reset message?

If you follow the guide but fail to receive the email about resetting a password, please contact us via We will endeavor to assist you immediately! 

How do I change my account settings?

  1. Log in to the account first to access the settings.
  2. Click Account Details in the dashboard on the left side of the screen.  
  3. Change the information you want to update, such as Display Name, Email address, Password, etc. 
  4. Click Save changes. 

Questions On Courses

Where do I receive my ordered course?

Once you complete payment, you will shortly receive an email for access to the download link within 8 hours. Please check in the spam and promotion folder if you do not find our email in the inbox! 

Does the download link expire?

Yes. You should download all the files of the purchased course right after getting the link via email as it will expire within 2 days. 

Can I view my course offline?

You can view the purchased course anytime without an Internet connection if you download and save it on your computer.  

Do course videos have transcripts or captions?

There is no support for transcripts or captions now, unfortunately. 

Yet, most of the courses on our website are in simple English. Also, there are many illustrations of examples and case studies. So, you do not need high levels of English to grasp the courses’ content. 

If there are any courses in other languages than English, we will inform you beforehand through the course description. 

Can I access courses on my smartphone or tablet?

The courses on our website are accessible across devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. 

If you encounter any difficulties or have any concerns about courses, please feel free to contact us at or Skype via library.king. 

Payment & Refund Policy

Payment Video

Refund Policy

Please find the details in our refund policy

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