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Voodoo Vault: Unlock The Proprietary Formula by Simpler Trading teaches how to trade stock and futures profitably with Voodoo Lines indicator. Also, you can learn practical tips through the recording of a live trading session with David Starr and John Carter. 

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Course Overview

Instead of spending hours experimenting with different methods, you can learn the best techniques and trading tools by a professional trader. Voodoo Vault: Unlock The Proprietary Formula by Simpler Trading is such a brilliant course where you can get access to the development of profitable options setups.

Course Outline

  • The formula of the Voodoo Lines.
  • The process in which David Starr used insights from proprietary charts for the algorithm.
  • Access to all five Voodoo formulas.
  • Classification of Voodoo Lines for each chart.
  • The ‘secret sauce’ recipe of tips and tricks for the long-term run.
  • Support and resistance levels on any trading chart.
  • Customizing the Voodoo Lines indicator for ThinkorSwim and TradeStation.
  • Building the watchlist of stocks.
  • Scalping futures and liquid stocks through Micro-Voodoo Lines.
  • Recorded live trading session with David Starr and John Carter.

What Will You Learn?

  • The turbocharged power when Voodoo Lines are combined with Elliott Waves.
  • The best practices of Voodoo Lines to the instrument of Stock market indices.
  • How to apply this indicator to currencies.
  • How to adapt strategies to futures trading.
  • How different time frames affect the application process.
  • How to come up with optimal strategies with Voodoo Lines in actual trading.

Who Is This Course For?

If you have already learned the fundamentals of futures and stock trading, you will find this course helpful. As it will enhance your skills and smooth your trading process with high profits and low risks.



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