Zain Agha – ZRC System of Forex Trading (

Zain Agha – ZRC System of Forex Trading (

Zain Agha - ZRC System of Forex Trading (


ZRC is my latest development. It took me more than 7 months to develop it. It has been Back Tested to 3 years now giving profits in excess of $7000.00 per month on a Mechanical Trading basis. If Discretion is used the profit margins rise by about 30% on top of the Mechanical Trading results.

Nowadays everybody is looking for Mechanical Systems where you do not have to use your Brains and your Emotions. ZRC fits that criteria. No need to use your judgement. Just follow the signals appearing on the charts and enter and exit the Markets and keep reaping High Profits. As Easy as that.

Although ZRC is a purely Mechanical System, I shall also show you how to use Discretion to earn even higher profits. If you are an experienced trader then use the Discretionary Method.

ZRC is based on time and a few Technical Indicators with excellent results as you can see in the charts below.

Here are some of the latest trades performed during the month of April 2008. On the 1st of April we had 3 Trades and we made a profit of 139 pips, that is $1390.00 trading just single lots.

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