Zain Agha – Z-50 Trading System

Zain Agha – Z-50 Trading System

Zain Agha - Z-50 Trading System

Do you need a Forex Trading System that will provide you a Regular income every month? Well, Here it is. The Z-50 Trading System. I call it “The Daily Bread Winner”, because this system is capable of providing you with enough income to live a Comfortable Life Style.
When developing this System I had in mind to develop a System that is a Set and Forget System, as many of our Members had been requesting for it, for a long time and eventually here it is, in front of you.
I am not going to post any charts here in evidence of my claims as posting the charts will be revealing the System.
There are 2 ways of Trading the Z-50 System.
The first method of trading is as I said “The Set and Forget Method”. and the second method is to Monitor Your Trades to get a much higher Return then the Set and Forget Method.
“Set And Forget Method” is for those who do not have the time to monitor their Trades but still want to earn something on the side.
In the Set and Forget Method, you place your Orders at 01:00 Eastern Time.
Just open your chart, look at the 01:00 Candle and place your Buy or Sell Order together with your Stop Loss of 50 pips and Take Profit of 40 pips then go to bed. Wake up in the Morning and have a look. Most probably you will find that you have made a Profit of 40 pips. Sometimes you will make a loss of 50 pips and sometimes there will be a NO TRADE. But your Profits will be much more than your losses.
With the Set & Forget Method you can get between 200 to 600 pips Profit every month without any hassle. If you would be Trading Single Lots then this is an income of $2000.00 to $6000.00 per month for puting in just 5 to 10 minutes of your time every night. All this you can start with an Account of $5000.00. This means you would be earning a minimum of 40% per month on your Investment.
Those of you who can Monitor their Trades, I have Good News for you.
You will be making Much Higher Profits than the “Set And Forget Method”.
You can get 600 to 1000 pips per month, Average 800 pips per month. This amounts to $8000.00 per month if you were to trade single lots. You can start an account with $5000.00 only and earn more than 150% on your investment every month. Show me a Business where you can generate even 50% every month let alone 150%. Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating. Buy it and check it yourself.
You all know that my systems work.
I shall show you how to:
· Turn a No Trade into a Winning Trade
· Turn a Losing Trade into a Winning Trade and
· Extract more pips out of a Winning Trade.
You would learn all these through example charts provided in the Manual. There are many of them and you will also see the charts for the month ofJune 2008 producing a total Profit of 842 pips for the entire month of June 2008. This is an income of more than $8000.00 in a month.
Now how much are you prepared to pay me for giving you this System?
A month’s Income?……. $8000.00
or a Week’s Income?……. $2000.00
How about half of the week’s Income?……. $1000.00
While I was developing the Z-50 System I had a survey with a select few of our Members and most of them suggested that I should price it the same as the Z-100 System, that is about $1000.00 but I want to keep the price withing everybody’s reach. This is the price that you will recover within your first 2 days of Trading.
Please note that I am offering the Z-50 System to our Members on First Priority basis and the price that you see is a Special Price for our Members only, provided you purchase during the month of July 2008 as I am going away on my Holidays on the 27th of July 2008 and will return back at the end of August 2008.
I can assure you that you will not regret buying the Z-50 System, in fact you will be delighted with your purchase.

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