Zain Agha – News FX Strategy


Zain Agha – News FX Strategy

No more huge losses. NEWS FX STRATEGY will make sure you make great profits whenever there is a News or Data Release. No more losses. Great profits almost Daily. Any one can extract 50 to 100 PIPs at a time. Extremely easy.

About the author

My name is Dr. Zain Agha.
I am a Forex Trader, Trainer and Coach.
I have been trading for the last 13 years and I have been Teaching
for the last 5 years now.

During this time I have developed many Forex Trading Strategies and I have more than
900 Forex Trading Students to my credit spread all over the world.

Here is how my journey in the Forex World started:

I have been working as a Research Scientist until the year 1999.
In 1995 I was introduced to commodity trading by a friend of mine who was very good at it.
Observing his successes, I got interested and started trading on a part time basis.
I made good money on wheat, sugar and corn and lost it all on soya beans, and coffee.





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