Zack Kolundzic – ICWR Forex Trading Strategy

Zack Kolundzic – ICWR Forex Trading Strategy

Zack Kolundzic - ICWR Forex Trading Strategy


Dear Forex Trader,

Recently, a close friend of mine who knows me for years admitted to me that he lost over $21,000 trading forex market in less than three months time.

Well, there would be nothing strange about it if there wasn’t one very important fact.

He is MY friend.

And he knows that I’m a forex trader and he also knows that I’m a very successful forex trader.

So I asked him why didn’t he consult me when he was starting, actually I was very disappointed that he even hid from me the fact that he was involved in forex.

He told me that every time when he heard me talking about forex I was always using words such as “hard”, “stressful”, “dangerous”… He said that he didn’t like to hear those words.

So one evening he was surfing the web and he stumbled upon one site that he says “stood out”.

Everything that he read on that site was completely opposite of anything that he heard me saying.

“Forex trading is easy…” “Anyone can do it with just a little bit of effort…” “You can quit your day job…”

And he was hooked. He bought their system and opened a demo account.

His demo account was set at $50,000, few lucky trades over the next four weeks and his demo account grew to $78,000.


Twenty eight thousand dollars in four weeks. As any other beginner he was thrilled.

He withdrew $10,000 from his hard earned savings account and he was all set to accomplish his dreams.

However, very soon he realized that trading for real money and trading demo account have nothing in common.

When real money got at stake, he became a different person.

Nervous, scared, he took his profits way too early and stayed in losing trades far more than he was supposed to.

His money was melting before his eyes! He added another $5,000. Then he borrowed another ten thousand from his line of credit.

He came to me when he was down to the last three thousand and nine hundred dollars.

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