Yousef Khalidi – Euro Invasion Shopify Strategy


Yousef Khalidi – Euro Invasion Shopify Strategy


Why should you consider selling in Europe?

Well, Let’s Face It

The US is turning into an advertising war zone! Americans are being saturated by too many ads everyday. Many those ads come from people like you and i selling Tshirts and other products.

Not to mention many of these products are selling in the same niches for the same people. This dilution is causing ad prices to rise and ad effectiveness to decrease.

This saturation is affecting the FB algorithm big time! That’s why FB is raising prices on your ads and sticking you with non-buying audiences. If you’re experiencing this, I have some good news for you – read on.

While On The Other Hand

Europe has 800 million HUNGRY buyers in a virtually untapped market. The opportunity and huge potential here is . INSANE!
Unlike Americans, Europeans rarely see niche product ads! in other words if Erik from Sweden likes Fishing, there is a good chance he has never seen a Fishing tshirt before!

All of this leads to cheaper ad costs! You can realistically now get .50 cent CPM’s in Europe!! Your $5 adsets which normally reach 300-400 people in the USA will now suddenly start reaching thousands per day!


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