Your Trading Room & Manuals (Nov. 2009)

Your Trading Room & Manuals (Nov. 2009)

You need a cracked version of Ninjatrader for this indicator.

  1. In order to install the indicator you need to know your machine ID. You can get it from the Help/About box in Ninjatrader.


  1. Install YTR Indicators by running YTR_Setup_v30.exe.


  1. Create the folder C:inetpubwwwrootvendorlicense if it does not exist already.


  1. Copy YTR-T-MACHINEID.xml




  1. Rename the file so MACHINEID is replaced by your machine code.


  1. Edit the file with notepad. Replace MACHINEID with your machine code.


The indicator will now work in Ninjatrader if you did everything correctly.

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