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Your First Million Video Training of Dan Lok is a coaching program on a lucrative method for starting a successful business and keeping running it profitably. 

Learn hard and become the owner of yourself with Your First Million Video Training from Dan Lok

Would you like to establish your own business? Are you seeking help in developing your own business plan to be a successful entrepreneur? Starting a business involves knowing and addressing numerous concerns including legal, finance, sales and marketing, protection of intellectual property, liability, human resources and more. However, the enthusiasm in entrepreneurship is always great. And there were stunning early stage success stories that grew into multi-million dollar firms, such as Uber, Facebook, WhatsApp, Airbnb and many more.

Your First Million Video Training by Dan Lok is a live online 2-hour starting up in business training, giving you the “one shot, one kill” 7 step technique to creating a 7 figure business on your first try. It does not matter if you know nothing about running your own company, if you already have one or if you have been in business for more than 30 years. These are the secrets that Dan Lok utilized for creating an empire of eight figures and forging over a dozen lucrative enterprises. Get to know one of the most renowned entrepreneurs. You will never see business the same way again after your first million training. The private students of Dan Lok who have studied what you are going to find, claimed that in only 2 hours, it would be like the whole MBA.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover inside Your FirstMillion Video Train by Dan Lok:

  • Your First Million Video Training on Demand Establishing The Groundwork For Your Success: Dan will begin by laying a firm foundation for you. So that you’re very clear on the steps necessary to reach the $1 million milestone.
  • Three Rules To Follow: Successful individuals are not prone to making excuses. Successful individuals never act victimized, and when it comes to learning from a mentor who has been there and done it, there is no room for opinion. This video will explain why this is the case.
  • Understanding the Millionaire Success Cycle: The Steps to Your First Million – Discover the three steps necessary to acquire your first million dollars. These three steps will bring you to your destination.
  • A Seven-Figure Business Plan and Much More.

Meet your trainer Dan Lok

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Dan Lok is the originator of the Closer Certification Program of High Tickets, a world renowned speaker, consultant, coach and author. A simple peek at his social media gives you a sense of his influence; on YouTube, he is alone with over a million subscribers. His authority and accomplishments go unchallenged. His narrative, however, began in the most modest families. Born in Hong Kong, Dan emigrated following his father’s bankruptcy with his mother to Canada. He lived in a weird country at 14, knew no English, and had no money. Shortly thereafter, he landed his first job bagging food. He despised the 9-5 life, though, and was resolved to never return to it And never did.

Dan Lok has created 13 companies. Each of them failed. Though Lok thinks that these efforts have taken away from him the attention that would have been better spent, he has taken vital lessons that have prepared the path for more achievement. Tireless and constantly hungry to flourish, by his twenty-seventh birthday Dan Lok was a billionaire. He hasn’t spent one minute on his laurels since then. Rather, he continues to push himself and others to achieve more. Dan’s no bullshit approach crosses the sensitive gurus, haven-bees, and never-weres to find out just how to become rich now. He makes audiences, entrepreneurs and CEOs across the world recognize and help to obtain what they desire.

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