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Your Digital Life 3.0 by Carl Pullein sits down with you for the daily routine of yours to balance your life and work, amid the crazy pace of modernity

Your Digital Life 3.0 by Carl Pullein sits down with you for the daily routine of yours to balance your life and work, amid the crazy pace of modernity. 

Your Digital Life 3.0 by Carl Pullein: where is the outlet for the modern burnout? 


Burnout has been known as one of the typical signs for the modern lifestyle, when the overload of working and the high pressure of meeting the requirements are draining the energy of people. Your Digital Life 3.0 by Carl Pullein shares with you how to develop the routines that help you reach the peak performance at work and enjoy your life with loved ones. Technology is created to help and support human beings do the heavy lifting, however, it seems to turn out to be taken advantage of too well. Productivity becomes obsession rather than a goal that drives your energy, but drains it. When things get convenient and easy with the aid of technology, people expect and would love to be able to complete more and more things. And it leads to modern burnout that has been mentioned earlier. Carl Pullein sheds light on the root causes and the adaptable solutions with the detailed guidelines in the Your Digital Life 3.0 course.


There are six parts and a bunch of supplemental classes in the course, which can help you gain useful references for arranging your schedule and managing your work and personal life. Your Digital Life 3.0 provides illuminating insights into modern tools that you might find familiar with, such as Calendar, To-Do list, cloud storage, notes, email inbox, and so on. The instructions on how you can leverage them to help you achieve the goals that you set for your works, are openly shared with the illustrations of case studies and examples. Insights into the 2+8 Prioritisation System are shown as the references for your schedules and time management. 


With the detailed walk – through of segments, the last part of Your Digital Life 3.0 compiles all the aforementioned knowledge and skills to develop the daily routines, mindset and the methods to handle the pressure of modern pace that is constant. Moreover, you can take glimpses into how Carl Pullein’s working environment and his time management, as well as his top rules for hyper – concentration to reach peak performances in a short amount of time, etc.  We cannot change the world of other people, but we can do so in our own world, which can actually spread the positive energy towards others.  

About Carl Pullein

Your Digital Life 3.0

Carl Pullein has been known for his continuous dedication to helping other people achieve their fulfillment and abundance in life with effective time management and methods to gain work – life balance. Carl Pullein has been a popular author of many books about personal development, such as Story Presentation, Your Digital Life, Working With Todoist, Your Digital Life 2.0, and so on. Moreover, Carl Pullein has been working on many online courses and training programs for you to get access to direct interaction with Carl through videos or seminars for the adaptable methods to achieve your goals without burnouts. The online platform developed by Carl Pullein is called, where you can learn the tips to lead an abundant life. 


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