XML Composer v1.5.1 (canamsoftware.com)


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XML Composer v1.5.1 (canamsoftware.com)


Visual design with powerful code generation

XML Composer™ is a visual XML designer and code generator specifically developed for XML data handling. Using XML Composer™, developers can easily create XML processing program code, called XML Handlers, in a highly productive visual environment thus extending the benefits of model driven development to XML data handling. XML Composer v8 which is compatible with CA Gen r8 is now available!



XML Writer and XML Reader

XML Composer™ can be used to design and generate two distinct styles of XML handling programs. XML Writer is an External Action Block (EAB) that uses import view data to create XML data and write it to a data buffer while XML Reader is an EAB that takes XML data in a data buffer and populates export views.


XML Composer’s visual designer allows the mapping of EAB information views to XML elements and attributes. The XML data structure can also be manipulated easily in a visual design environment, allowing developers to design XML data handling programs without having to perform low level programming. Source code is automatically generated to implement the mappings between attributes in the EAB Views and the desired XML elements/attributes.


XML Composer™ extends the benefits of model driven, visual development to XML data handling.


Significant development productivity improvement.


Outstanding runtime performance based on compiled code.


Supports automated and repeatable development processes for the development of XML file handling resulting in significantly reduced development costs.


Results in higher quality deliverable.


Visual design environment for easy understanding and manipulation of CA Gen views and XML data structures.


Flexible approach to XML structure manipulation to easily accommodate a variety of XML formats.


Fully automatic COBOL,C and JAVA source code generation for the implementation of XML Reader and XML Writer External Action Blocks thus sheltering developers from the complexities of XML data handling.


No low level programming is required thus enabling developers of all levels to create XML data handling program code.

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