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The course Trading The Crypto Market With The Wyckoff Method of Wyckoff Analytics will show you how to apply the powerful techniques used by professionals.

Learn what’s inside the course Trading The Crypto Market With The Wyckoff Method of Wyckoff Analytics

In the previous decade, cryptocurrency has been one of the most highly speculative investment options available. Investing and trading in the cryptocurrency market need a high level of discipline and a methodical approach. The Wyckoff Method is a logical framework that may be used by long-term investors as well as intraday traders to make decisions.

During the course Trading The Crypto Market With The Wyckoff Method of Wyckoff Analytics, Alessio Rutigliano will demonstrate how to adapt the strategies employed by generations of stock and commodities traders to this new emergent asset class. The course is divided into three two-hour sessions. It will cover multiple strategies for a variety of traders, ranging from long-term investors who want to participate in this new market through conventional ETNs to advanced crypto traders who want to take advantage of the high volatility and momentum of these instruments to new traders who are just getting started. Case studies from the Bitcoin and Altcoin marketplaces, as well as exercises, will be included in the course.

Here are the main topics that will be covered throughout the three lessons in Trading The Crypto Market With The Wyckoff Method:

  • The Wyckoff Method
  • Anatomy of the Crypto Market
  • Tape reading and market participant analysis in a low liquidity environment.
  • Relative strength
  • Timing
  • Point and Figure Charting in Crypto Markets. 
  • Campaigning Crypto assets. 
  • The Altcoin Swing Trader. 
  • The Intraday Trader. 

Meet your instructor Alessio Rutigliano

Henry O. Pruden’s The Three Skills of Top Trading was Alessio Rutigliano’s first experience with the Wyckoff Method. He is a graduate from the Wyckoff Trading Course and a teaching assistant at Wyckoff Analytics. A passionate student of inter-market analysis and behavioral finance models, he focuses mainly on the creation of rotating digital assets in the Wild West. Wyckoff Crypto Discussion and Wyckoff Crypto Discord with Roman Bogomazov will be co-hosted by Alessio. He will teach Bruce Fraser the next special “point-and-figure” from Stocks to Cryptos. In 2019 and 2021, Alessio Rutigliano taught Crypto Market Trading using the Wyckoff method and presented the Wyckoff Cryptocurrency Online Convention in 2020 at the Best of Wyckoff Online Conferences. He is also curator of “Wyckoff in the world of cryptocurrency,” a blog presenting the Wyckoff analysis and trading methods in low-liquidity, specialized market psychology situations, including cryptos and new asset classes.

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Wyckoff Analytics gives you an exciting way to expand trade earnings by offering a number of interactive webinars based on the pioneering ideas of Richard D. Wyckoff, the renowned merchant and educator. Many successful professional traders utilize Wyckoff’s method to interpret price bars and volumes and so forecast future price movements to indicate the intentions of huge institutions. Operated by Wyckoff Analytics, Wyckoff Associates, LLC., the team comprises committed, experienced and trained specialists who assist you learn the Wyckoff method. With a range of interactive mini-courses, Wyckoff Analytics is aimed for traders, which may be your way towards long-term success and profitability in any market or timeframe.

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