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Foundation for Successful Trading by William McLaren walks you through the analysis techniques and frameworks for the continuous momentum of profit growth.

Foundation for Successful Trading by William McLaren

The Foundation for Successful Trading by William McLaren has been designed to help you build up a solid foundation of trading knowledge and skills about technical analysis. There are five chapters in which the basics and advanced concepts of proper chart analysis are delivered. The structure of a market analysis is broken down in detail. The first chapter of the Foundation of Successful Trade focuses on patterns of market trends. You will get access to various types of trends alongside the instruction on their patterns. The knowledge will help you gain insights into the effects of these trends on your trading so the according strategies and tactics are able to be generated. 

Chapter 2 of the Foundation of Successful Trading is about Volume, which uncovers the law of Supply and Demand when trading. Combining this with the knowledge about trend patterns in Chapter 1, you can understand more about price levels and the termination of trends and counter trends. In chapter 3 and 4 of the Foundation of Successful Trade, you will learn about the Momentum for the direction of price trends and the Wave structure for the estimation of the trend strength and potential breakdown. Leveraging all the aforementioned knowledge and skills, you will learn about price in the last chapter of the Foundation of Successful Trading. The knowledge about the support and resistance levels are covered in chapter 5, for a highly accurate forecast of price levels. 

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About William McLaren 

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William McLaren has been professionally traded for years, therefore, he has been in different trading situations. The flexibility you see in the strategies and tactics of William McLaren is based on the foundation of technical analysis. There are courses about chart reading and analysis techniques developed by William McLaren. One of them is the Foundation of Successful Trading covering the basic concepts about the top 5 elements of chart analysis. The understanding of the trading market is highlighted in the online courses of William McLaren, so you can see why and how the viable strategies and tactics are developed.

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