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Experience the entire range of weekly trading options in this three-part series Weekly Options Boot Camp of BigTrends with Price Headley as your teacher.

Learn to trade Weekly Options consistent profitably regardless of market condition with the course Weekly Options Boot Camp by BigTrends

With the comprehensive course Weekly Options Boot Camp of BigTrends you will learn all you need to know about a successful “weeklys” trade and trade regardless of safety, timeframe, and market conditions. You will also obtain essential instructions on how to use Price’s preferred technical indicators to find out how to employ your new knowledge on the major trends. The Weekly Options Boot Camp provides lifelong access to high definition recordings for all weekly options traders irrespective of their degree of expertise. This trading course is divided into 3 sessions as follows:

Session 1: Weekly Options and the Average Directional Movement (ADX) Indicator Introduction

Price Headly discusses the basic principles underlying the use of weekly choices during the first session of the Weekly Options Boot Camp and how this trading vehicle may increase trader profits. Among the many subjects addressed, you will discover how the Average Directional Movement Indicator functions, how you may use true and directional movement before you view many case studies on bull and bear trades to help you practice the weekly options trading the BigTrends.

Session 2: Quick Trends on FANG Stocks Trading

Price Headly discusses how to use the ADX success profile to trade fast intraday movements in the second session of the Weekly Options Boot Camp. This is the fundamental foundation for the FANG Options Trader system, and in addition to demonstrating the ADX settings, entry parameters, and exit rules for FOT, Price discusses how to tweak your targets and stops to protect profits and balance your equity curve, as well as revealing the critical Weekly Options trading variable other than win percentage.

Session 3: Quick Trends on Multiple Sectors Trading

Price Headly continues with the themes identified in Session 2, during the last session of the Weekly Options Boot Camp and explains his weekly Accelerator services and how Price Headly handles a range of industries utilizing Weekly Options. And with a department store (M), cannabis firm (CGC), online payment processor (PYPL), personal health company (WW), graphics chip maker (NVDA) and outerwear (GOOS), there are always chances up and down, irrespective of how the wider market is performing.

Learn more about your teacher Price Headley

Price Headley is the founder, chairman, and senior analyst of Headley Investing Analysis and BigTrends, an online consulting firm that specializes in unique stock and option strategies, investing education, and market trend analysis. He has appeared in several major financial publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, and USA Today, as well as CNBC, FOX News, CNNFn, and Bloomberg. Price Headley is also the author of Big Trends in Trading: Master Market Moving Strategies, which debuted at #1 on Amazon. Graduated from Duke University, a member of the Association of Market Technicians, he is a chartered financial analyst and chartered market technician.

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