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WarriorTrading – Swing Trading Scanners

The small cap breakout strategy has been HUGELY popular with the Warrior Trading community, largely due to it’s massive success at finding huge winners. As Jeff worked to hone and back test this strategy, he realized a few patterns kept becoming apparent in the small caps that would breakout for seemingly no reason. So, after paper trading and tweaking the strategy for a few months, he finally went live with the alerts for Warrior Trading in May. In just two months, the scanner has produced over 150% total wins in just 15 trade alerts!

The idea behind the small cap breakout scanner is to alert stocks that are poised to breakout. The strategy is simple to learn and understand, and is taught in our swing trade course. The majority of trade alerts from this scanner are for liquid small cap stocks trading under $10.

(Trade Ideas / Mid-Large caps; long and short scans)

Swing Trading Scanners

The Swing Trade Stock Scanner is a combination of eight separate market scans that Swing Trade Warrior gets many of his trade alerts and watch list ideas from.

The first scanner looks for stocks fitting certain float and price criteria that are in an “accumulation phase.” Accumulation can often lead to a b/o when in conjunction with key technical levels. By alerting us stocks that are accumulating at certain levels, we can often gain an entry before a breakout occurs.

The second scan uses volume and moving average metrics to identify stocks that are blasting through moving averages on high relative volume. These are stocks that are poised for continuation runs and new recent highs. Additionally, stocks that alert on this scanner can also be in overbought and overextended territory giving us the opportunity for a swing short entry as well.

The third scanner is the most complex. It tracks mid cap only stocks with a technical setup, a catalyst and a multi day run potential. It looks at social media activity in addition to other fundamental metrics. When back tested, this particular scan has an extremely high success rate producing reliable swing trade wins.

The rest look for varying combinations of high relative volume moves through moving averages and support and resistance areas. These scanners are ideal for finding stocks breaking out and that have fundamental catalysts (news, earnings etc) in play.


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