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Take your real estate education to a next level with Virtual Wholesaling Mastery of ALL IN Entrepreneurs

Would you say that you’re finding yourself increasingly losing business to local investors? To explore virtual wholesaling, where you can handle huge volumes and effectively level the playing field with your local rivals, is certainly time well spent. Thanks to the virtual market, you may reap all the benefits and realize earnings similar to what you’d make if you invested in your home market. It is virtual wholesaling of real estate to use internet references, computers, fax machines, and cellphones to purchase and sell a property from afar. This virtual real estate wholesaling works like other virtual job functions and virtual helpers, such as virtual assistants, where most transactions are completed through various electronic methods.

Wholesale real estate is accomplished by establishing a long-term agreement with a property owner and then transferring that contract to a new customer. While investing in other forms of real estate varies from wholesale real estate, mostly because the wholesale does not acquire ownership of the property in question, it is worth emphasizing that wholesale real estate differs from other types of real estate investments, as discussed above. Know that the wholesaler finds those with properties that they would want to relocate fast, who prefer not to employ real estate agents, and those who do not want to act as agents for other people. Virtual real estate wholesaling provides investors with a great advantage since they may spread their efforts across many markets around the country, allowing them to earn a larger return on investment (ROI). When your local markets slow down, there is a big financial return to wholesaling your investment portfolios to other locations.

To get started, learn all you need to know about the evolving market with the Virtual Wholesaling Mastery course from ALL IN Entrepreneurs. Stop making visits to the doctor and be on top of your game. Investing in this stock will provide you with an unfair edge, save you a lot of aggravation, and ultimately lead to a financial windfall. Virtual Wholesaling Mastery will teach you the following:

  • Welcome
  • Intro to the Virtual Wholesaling Course
  • Who We Are 
  • Virtual Wholesaling 101
  • Why You Should Virtually Wholesale
  • Determining a Hot Zip Code 
  • Determining a Hot Market
  • Running Comps 
  • Finding a Title Company & Real Cash Buyers 
  • How to Find Boots on The Ground 
  • Trifecta of Virtual Wholesaling
  • 4 Phases of Virtual Wholesaling)
  • Company Credibility Examples 
  • 3 Types of Sellers 
  • The Contact
  • Importance of Tonality
  • Importance of Rapport 
  • Negotiating with Seller 
  • Most Common Objects and How to Crush Them 
  • Value Over Offer 
  • Preparing the Close
  • The Close
  • Closing Table 
  • Virtual Wholesaling Resources
  • Power of Virtual Acquisitions 
  • Celebration Video 
  • Outro – Take Massive Action

The more times you practice, the more at ease you will get with the procedure. The course Virtual Wholesaling Mastery – ALL IN Entrepreneurs is an excellent method to develop your portfolio and enter new industries.


ALL IN Entrepreneurs: Where Alex Saenz, Carlos Reyes & Sal Shakir bring to you real estate education

ALL IN Entrepreneurs - Virtual Wholesaling Mastery - Brain Learns

ALL IN Entrepreneurs is the world’s largest real estate wholesale mentorship/events organization. The Sal Shakir, Carlos Reyes, and Alex Saenz team are among the 1500+ men and women who have done transactions with one another throughout the years. ALL IN Entrepreneurs have assisted are able to use the concepts which have allowed them to successfully develop 25 other businesses to generate generational financial freedom. 

Carlos Reyes is a serial entrepreneur who has owned and operated more than 25 enterprises throughout the course of his entrepreneurial career. His story represents the American Dream: emigrating to the United States with his mother, struggling to make ends meet until he discovered a multi-million dollar business opportunity, and teaming up with his partner Sal Shakir to create the National Cash Offer and Offer Key. They individually make six figures each month, and via their patented scaling techniques, they have grown into numerous more seven-figure enterprises.

In Alex Saenz‘s professional life, he is known as the proprietor of Home Equity Pros and Offer Home. Wholesaling real estate is one of his specialties, too. He has been working as a full-time real estate entrepreneur since he was 18 years old. He began flipping properties at the age of 18 with no money, no credit, and then developed his company into a multi-million dollar operation. He started flipping homes at the age of 21 and now has more than 100 to his credit.

Top real estate mogul Sal Shakir is the proprietor of a large corporate empire that includes commercial properties, contact centers, and technology. The first of Shakir’s many real estate ventures was established. Shakir and his family are of Iraqi descent. The conflict forced them to go to the United States where they would have the opportunity to chase the American Dream. He started from the ground up, and established his commercial empire. He was just an ordinary person who had a knack for coming up with brilliant ideas.

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