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The virtual Selling Playbook brought by Jeb Blount shares the valuable resource of virtual selling techniques allowing you to optimize the e-commerce business

The virtual Selling Playbook brought – Jeb Blount shares the valuable resource of virtual selling techniques allowing you to optimize the e-commerce business

Become the winner in the e-commerce fields with the Virtual Selling Playbook 

What can you expect in this course?

The Virtual Selling Playbook brought by Jeb Blount is a light bulb leading your ecommerce business to success by the enormous valuable resource of virtual selling techniques providing you powerful tools to optimize the business strategies in the virtual platforms. Furthermore, this course gives you the guidance for leveraging video-based technology, digital tools, and making the virtual communication channels and techniques from human to human engagement and connection.

You will get through the advanced methods for remaining competitive, sellers, account managers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals which will force them to constantly improve and develop the ways to reach and engage prospects and customers. After this course, you will have enough confidence to master the sales calls generated from the online business and have the ability to protect your profit and income effectively. Moreover, advancing the services and providing solutions for your customers to make a strong relationship with them. 

What will you learn from this course?

The Virtual Selling Playbook of Jeb Blount gives you the exclusive, high-quality techniques helping you to separate your business from the competitors and also create a distinct competitive edge. 

You will have a chance to dive deep in the powerful insight in order to dress up the confident appearance to conduct successful virtual sales calls letting your income explode, using the comprehensive resource on video-based and digital sales skill developing lessons in the Virtual Selling Playbook.

Here is the course’s outline that you will follow up when taking part in this course:

  • How to choose the right technology stack for your unique situation
  • The five elements of effective virtual sales calls
  • The seven keys to making a lasting impression on video
  • How to make the camera your best friend
  • Why you must be video ready (BVR) all the time
  • How to leverage virtual tools to get more done, in less time, with better outcomes
  • Seven virtual communication strategies you must never forget
  • How to conduct multi-stakeholder virtual sales calls
  • The B.O.N.D. virtual engagement framework
  • How to leverage digital tools to keep buyers engaged and deals advancing after the virtual call
  • How to leverage the powerful M.L.P. strategy within the virtual sales process to bend win probability in your favor
  • The five questions stakeholders are always asking on every virtual call
  • The S.C.O.R.E. Discovery Method for virtual sales calls
  • How to deliver effective virtual demos and presentations that grab attention and seal the deal
  • Key strategies for leveraging Virtual Selling to reduce sales cycles and accelerate pipeline velocity
  • How to ask for what you want, get past objections, and close the deal on virtual sales calls
  • How to reduce costs and boost productivity with a blended virtual/physical sales approach that meets stakeholders where they are on the buying journey

About your educating provider, Jeb Blount

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Jeb Blount has been known as the sales acceleration specialist who has more than 25 years working with Fortune 5000 companies, small and midsize businesses, and startups. He is well-known and respected due to the outstanding achievements which were worthy contributions to the business industry that can be listed as the 13 specialized books used widely teaching about how to be the leader on sales, leadership training program and analysing customer experience.

Currently, Jeb Blount runs the Sales Gravy as the founder, which is the sales specific website having the most visitors coming to seek for the service to satisfy their demand on business which are the consultant and advice about the channel development and strategic account management. The high reputation of Sales Gravy is proven by the clients coming from around the world. 

Jeb Blount gives help for people by training and advancing the ability, and specialized for them via his courses.

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