Vimeo – Killian’s Workshop Online Class – 10 Videos


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Vimeo – Killian’s Workshop Online Class – 10 Videos


Congratulations on purchasing Killian’s Workshop online and being proactive about your career! Over the years, my classes have given thousands of actors the tools they need to successfully book commercials and earn a living as professional actors.
A few tips:
Your purchase will give you access to the videos for one year. After that, you may renew your subscription for $1 per year. Vimeo does not allow us to give you an unlimited subscription so we need to charge a token $1/year. Please email [email protected] with proof of purchase (receipt screenshot ok) and we will send you renewal code right away.

Industry terms you’ll need to know 🙂

1. “Spots”, we in the Industry call commercials spots. When you hear that term it refers to the commercial for which you are auditioning.
2. A Beat or 1/2 Beat. In the theatrical world, a beat is an emotional change. In the commercial world, it is a degree of time. If someone in the commercial world tells you to “take a beat” before you say that line or do that action, they mean count to 3 in your head. A beat is 3 seconds on average. Therefore a 1/2 beat is literally 1.5 seconds. We work in seconds and not minutes/hours in the commercial world.
3. Scripts in the commercial world are called sides or copy.
4. On deck, means you are next to be called in to audition and often they will have a designated area for you to stand/sit
5. Cheating Out: means playing your performance out to camera. This will be one of the lessons in your videos.
6. The Board. In many cities IF you have lines we write them on a board to help the actor and place it next to camera. This is not the case in every city.
7. In your homework you will be told to watch commercials. You can find them through Google, Youtube, or actors use As technology changes we will update this info for you .


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