Vijay Gupta – SPSS for Beginners

Vijay Gupta – SPSS for Beginners

Vijay Gupta - SPSS for Beginners


Vijay Gupta

College of Engineering Collegiate Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

University of Notre Dame



275 Fitzpatrick Hl Engrng, Notre Dame, IN 46556



vgupta2 at nd dot edu

(574) 631 2294

Research Interests: My current research interests are in the broad area of design of large scale networked systems with applications to the emerging smart and integrated architecture of societal infrastructure such as transportation networks, power grid, and water distribution networks. In particular, I apply tools from different branches of systems theory to solve problems in various layers – physical, cyber, and human – of these systems to ensure efficiency, safety, resilience, and sustainability. More information about our research group and publications can be found here.

Brief Bio: I graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 2001 and California Institute of Technology in 2007. I was a research associate at the Institute for Systems Research at the University of Maryland, College Park for a year and have been at the University of Notre Dame since then. I have also consulted for the United Technology Research Center. Current CV available here.

Current Teaching: In Spring 2015, I will be teaching EE 20234 (Electric Circuits).

Members of Research Group:


  • Vasundhara Anand
  • Cheng-Zong Bai
  • Vaibhav Katewa
  • Jie Liu
  • Wann-Jiun Ma
  • Sivaranjani Seetharaman


  • Yingbo Zhao (PhD 2014, Now at UC San Diego)
  • Utsaw Kumar (PhD 2012, co-advised with Nick Laneman, now in Intel)
  • Rahul Singh (MS 2011, now at Texas A&M)
  • Surya Shravan Sajja (Post-doc, joint with Panos Antsaklis, now at IBM Research, Ireland)
  • Yue Wang (Post-doc, joint with Panos Antsaklis, now at Clemson)
  • Getachew Befekadu (Post-doc, joint with Panos Antsaklis)

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