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Equity Curve Feedback Professional (New User) of Using EasyLanguage is a complete backtest in TradeStation which takes both market and stop-limit orders.

Make your equity curve trades simpler with Equity Curve Feedback Professional (New User) of Using EasyLanguage

Equity Curve Feedback Professional, a new paradigm in system development, enables you to track numerous strategies utilizing any combination of stop, limit, and market orders inside the same strategy and combine them depending on any performance scheme you can imagine with only a few lines of code. Equity Curve Feedback Professional (New User) of Using EasyLanguage enables you to incorporate as many backtesting engines that allow stop, limit, market, entry, or exit in close sequence as you like into the creation of your virtual strategies. This is completely generic, easy-to-understand code that is fully exposed. Setting common system rules and using our virtual order placement algorithms makes developing an equity curve feedback system as straightforward as possible.

You can observe how genuinely innovative Equity Curve Feedback Professional (New User) is. It allows you to create as many virtual systems as you like using a syntax that is quite similar to that used in TradeStation. The only significant distinction is that you may monitor as many alternative strategies as you like in a single TradeStation Strategy by passing several Orders arrays with distinct names. One of the finest features of this equity curve feedback utility is that it is entirely open-source, which means you always know precisely what you’re including into your trading systems. It includes a complete Equity Curve Analysis Library that you can include into your own systems.

About Murray Ruggiero: The creator of Equity Curve Feedback Professional (New User)

Murray Ruggiero is a consultant to numerous institutional trading businesses and one of the world’s leading authorities on the use of intermarket and trend research to identify and confirm developing price movements in the markets. He is a frequent speaker at IEEE engineering meetings and artificial intelligence symposiums. IEEE is the world’s largest organization committed to accelerating innovation and excellence in the field of technology for the greater good of mankind. Murray has also been on John Murphy’s CNBC show Tech Talk as a result of his work on mechanical trading systems, demonstrating John’s chart-based trading ideas through the use of backtested mechanical methods. Murray Ruggiero, a trading systems designer with almost 30 years of expertise, delves into the depths of niche and sub-markets, building highly specialized programs to capitalize on chances that frequently elude the public eye, and even experienced high-level money managers.

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The most effective approach to learn something is from the world’s foremost authorities. Using EasyLanguage.com’s expert committee is composed of some of the most renowned EasyLanguage specialists of all time. If you’re interested in learning EasyLanguage, check back frequently for updated information. If you have a trade idea and would want someone else to code or analyze it, contact the professionals at EasyLanguage. You can submit your project and request that one of them examine your system. They will submit a bid for the job. Once you accept the proposal, they will assist you in resolving your issue.

It is regretful to inform you that Murray Ruggiero passed away on June 19th, 2021, following a brief fight with cancer. Murray was widely regarded as one of the trading industry’s top technicians, system innovators, and EasyLanguage programmers. This Using EasyLanguage website will assist perpetuate Murray’s legacy and all of the hard work and time he invested over his lengthy career.

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