Understanding and Healing Emotional Trauma – Daniela F. Sieff

Understanding and Healing Emotional Trauma by Daniela F. Sieff, “the broken heart can be healed, don’t give up!”

Understanding and Healing Emotional Trauma by Daniela F. Sieff is a book, with the main theme of having conversations with the top experts in different areas of psychology, psychotherapy, neurobiology, etc. for illuminating insights into trauma and how to get over and help others get over. According to Wikipedia, emotional trauma is defined to be “a type of damage to the psyche that occurs as a result of a severely distressing event”. However, you will learn the sophisticated nuances of this kind of trauma through the thorough explanation and well-written style of Daniela. The basic and primary questions are addressed in the captivating conversations with pioneering clinicians and researchers, such as the true versions of emotional trauma, the causes, the profound impacts, the healing process, and so on. Once you can master the fundamentals, Understanding and Healing Emotional Trauma by Daniela F. Sieff sheds light on how to heal the “broken hearts”. 

There are three aspects or perspectives deep – dived in the book. Firstly, psychotherapy is related to the connection between an unconscious mind and body, and its impacts on the relationship between you and others after traumatic events. Meanwhile, neurobiology refers to the trauma’s effects on your emotional wealth. Thirdly, evolutionary perspective shares that the traumatic genes can be created and implanted to the next generations. The ideas are addressed with the results of research and experiments, which paves the path to the healing process. The Understanding and Healing Emotional Trauma by Daniela F. Sieff sheds light on the best practices and proven methods from reliable psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors, and so on. The whole process is openly shared with different versions and the room for your improvisations that you can help yourself and your loved ones to get over emotional traumas. 

About Daniela F. Sieff 

Understanding and Healing Emotional Trauma: Conversations with pioneering clinicians and researchers (English Edition) eBook: Sieff, Daniela F.: Amazon.fr

Daniela F. Sieff is a well – known author, scholar and speaker with expertise in the emotional trauma, its causes and the healing practices. You can see that there are three strands of aspects in her research, including Daniela F. Sieff’s personal experiences, the ones of others, and the combination of many perspectives, such as psychology, psychotherapy, Jungian thinking, attachment theory, and so on. There is much research and writing by Daniela F. Sieff that you can read for better understanding of her illuminating insights into emotional trauma, such as Understanding and Healing Emotional Trauma. Besides, you can now get access to Daniela F. Sieff’s writing, courses, etc. on her online platform called danielasieff.com, where you can directly reach her works, such as How to Understand and Heal Emotional Trauma, The Death Mother as Nature’s Shadow, What Makes Emotional Trauma? Fear, Disconnection and Shame, and so on. 

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