Ultra Meditation 5-Level Transcendence System


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Ultra Meditation 5-Level Transcendence System


The 5-Level Ultra Meditation System For Transcendence…Peak Experiences and Discovering Your Place in the Universe.

Level 1: The BeginningTheta Mind Experience

For the first 30 days, you’ll plug your mind into Ultra Meditation I­The Beginning once a day for 28 minutes. In the words of one user here’s what it feels like: “I was truly not prepared for the feelings I experienced the first time I heard the soundtrack. At times I felt like I was in a science fiction movie, at others like I was visiting another dimension.”

Level 2: Transformation Going Beyond Theta

After 30 to 60 days you are ready for Ultra Meditation II ­Transformation. If you’ve followed the program you should begin noticing subtle changes in your attitude and stress level. Especially in how you feel about yourself and the world. Little annoyances and things that would get you down just don’t matter anymore. You are ready for Transformation. Perhaps it will happen all at once, or it may progress slowly over a period of time. When it happens you will know it. The external world will take on a new color and meaning, and you will feel more alive than you ever have in your life. When you’re ready (it could be weeks or months-you’ll know when its time) move on to Level III.

Level 3: Awareness The Delta Experience

It’s now been at at least 60-90 days since you started your personal Transformation program-you’re ready to move up to Ultra-Meditation III­Awareness. This is where you should begin to experience transcendence. That blissful connection with the universe that opens you up to higher levels of awareness. But will it happen to you? That’s impossible to say. The purpose of this program is to experience transcendence, not read about it. That’s what makes it different than anything that’s ever been published. What is relevant is only your personal experience, not the concepts being put forth in this piece. Either you will experience something profound or not. It’s really that simple.

Level 4: Cetacean Mind Link The Dolphin and Whale Experience

LEVEL IV and V ­ Cetacean Mind Link and Near Death Experience.
Moving on then to Levels IV and V. These are to be used after you’ve felt a shift in your consciousness. For some this shift can occur within a few weeks into the program. For others it may take months or longer. Each person’s psychological make-up is different, and no one can predict exactly when such a shift will occur. However everyone (who is really doing it) should notice some effect within the first 90 days. This is why it is best to wait the full 90 days before going to Levels IV and V. Not that it can harm you in any way-but rather the experiences at these levels will offer greater meaning and insight. So the question is, are you willing to commit at least 90 days to this program? Because if you’re not, there really is no point in getting involved in the first place.

Level 5: Near Death Experience Beyond and Back

I’VE SPENT THE LAST 20 YEARS searching for tools that could shift the energies of consciousness, and unfold a state of enlightened awareness. What I’m about to reveal may be the simplest, most powerful technology for unleashing the hidden powers of the human mind.






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