Michael Blank – The Ultimate Guide to Buying Apartment Buildings with Private Money


Michael Blank – The Ultimate Guide to Buying Apartment Buildings with Private Money


Introducing the “Ultimate Guide to Buying Apartment Buildings with Private Money”
The “Ultimate Guide to Buying Apartment Buildings” is the BEST system on the planet to help you quit the rate race in 3-5 years.
It teaches you everything you need to do your FIRST apartment building deal with a special focus on raising money.
You’ll get instant access to my proven step by step process of buying apt buildings with other people’s money.
You’ll become a master at analyzing deals so that you’re able to make more offers.
Then your confidence and credibility will sky-rocket which means brokers will return your phone calls and investors will want to invest with you.
And once that happens, you’ll be able to do your very FIRST deal …
And when that happens, you’ll do your 2nd and 3rd deal in rapid succession … and then …
You’ll be able to quit your job, retire, or do whatever you want to do.

That’s my 3-5 year real estate retirement plan for you.
And it all starts with your FIRST deal.
That’s my passion … to help people like you do their first apartment building deal. I have the system and the tools to make you successful. What I teach works any where and any one can do it if you follow what I teach in my system.

Comprehensive Online Course
($4,250 Value)
Instant access to online course with 8 1/2 hours of HD video, downloadable audio and 185-page ebook.
Access as many times as you like and in the format you prefer.
Track your progress as you work through the course.
Everything you need to do your FIRST apartment building deal with a special focus on raising money.
It’s like having me in your living room for one-on-one coaching for 8 1/2 hours. At my hourly coaching rate that would cost you $4,250.

Syndicated Deal Analyzer
($129 Value)
Includes the most popular apartment analysis tool on the planet, the “Syndicated Deal Analyzer”.
Learn my “10-Minute Offer” technique that lets you determine the most you can pay for a property in just 10 minutes.
Create detailed 10-year projections, how to structure the deal with you investors, and how much you can pay yourself.
Become a Deal Analysis MASTER so that you can make offers confidently.
Retails for $129 if purchased separately.

Document Library 
($1,500 Value)
Contains sample contracts, templates, credibility kit, check lists and other documents referenced throughout the course.
Raising Money: Credibility kit, sample bio, email template, sample deal package.
Syndication: Sample PPM and Subscription, two Operating Agreement Templates
Making Offers: letter of intent, purchase contract, sample addenda.
Due Diligence: Weekly check-list, Letter to Seller to Request Due Diligence Documents, sample property inspection report.
Financing: Personal financial statement template, term sheet comparison worksheet, sample term sheet.
Much more, and updated constantly!
Video Case Studies ($500 Value)
This bonus is designed to make you a Deal Analysis Master! Each of the 6+ video case studies is about 45 minutes long, and I analyze a deal from start to finish, including several “what-if” scenarios. Watch me do it, then download the marketing package and do it yourself. You’ll be a Deal Analysis Master in a week, and that in turn will let you make more offers more confidently. This $500 package is normally only available to my Mastermind students but they’re yours – FOR FREE – if you purchase my system before this Sunday at midnight EST.

Here’s What You’re Going to Learn
Everything you need to do your FIRST apartment building deal using other people’s money.
Chapter 1:
Using a detailed case study, why apartment buildings is the single best way to achieve your financial goals, replace the income of your J.O.B. and retire early.

Chapter 2:
How To Raise Private Money From
Private Individuals To Fund Your Deals
The Secret to Raising Money. Learn this technique for getting financial commitments long BEFORE you have your first deal under contract.
Where to find the investors, what to say to them, and how to structure the deal and meet SEC regulations.
Follow my step-by-step process and you’ll be able to raise as much money as you need for your first deal.

Chapter 3:
Select The Right Area In Which To Invest
Methodology for Finding the Best Area to Invest
How to find the right area in which to invest (even if it’s not in your back yard).

Chapter 4:
How To Find Deals
Learn the # 1 Way to Find the Best Deals. Follow these steps to get a steady stream of GOOD deals.
Sample emails, scripts and other tips to help you build trust with these professionals so that you’re taken seriously from the very first call.
Other techniques to acquire deals, including sending letters to apartment owners.

Chapter 5:
How To Build Your Own A-Team
How to Build Your A-Team so that you’re ready when you have a deal under contract.
Who you want on your team, how to find them, what to look for.
Tricks and scripts to establish instant credibility with these professionals.

Chapter 6:
How To Analyze The Deal Wit The Syndicated Deal Analyzer
How to Quickly and Accurately Analyze Deals.
Learn to answer the question “what is the most I can pay for this building and why?” within 10 minutes of receiving the marketing package.
Within a couple of weeks you will become a master at analyzing deals so that you can make offers confidently.

Chapter 7:
Make An Negotiate That Get Accepted
Make and Negotiate Offers that get Accepted.
Negotiating tips to help get your offers accepted, whether you’re negotiating in person or through a broker.
How and when to use the Letter of Intent.
Critical terms of the Purchase Agreement that will get you out of the deal if you don’t like it.

Chapter 8:
Make An Negotiate That Get Accepted
Make and Negotiate Offers that get Accepted.
Negotiating tips to help get your offers accepted, whether you’re negotiating in person or through a broker.
How and when to use the Letter of Intent.
Critical terms of the Purchase Agreement that will get you out of the deal if you don’t like it.

Chapter 9:
Financing The Deal
How to Get Financing Even if you Lack the Experience and Credit.
How to work with multiple lenders and select the best one.
How to create a Loan Package that will get accepted.
What to do if you don’t have the personal financials to qualify for the loan.
Other “Creative” financing strategies like seller-financing, lease options and master leases.

Chapter 10:
The Home Stretch To Closing
How to Get It Done (and cash your acquisition fee check)!
What to do AFTER due diligence: Finalizing your loan, creating the proper entity and drafting the appropriate legal documents, managing your investors, and a break-down of expected closing costs.

Chapter 11:
Manage The Property To Great Value
How to “Manage the Manager” to Drive Profits.
How to find and select the best property manager, how to manage the manager, and when it may be time to replace the manager.
What metrics to review how often to make sure the project is on track.
7-different ways to increase income and value.

Chapter 12:
Exit Strategies For Maximum Profits
How to Determine the Most Profitable Exit Strategy.
What’s more profitable? Flip or hold long-term, or perhaps a cash-out refinance or 1031 Exchange?

BONUS # 1: “Instant Credibility” In-a-Box
($2,500 value)
When you invest today, you’re also going to get my “Instant Credibility in a Box” which includes my bio you can add to your offers and Proof of Funds up to $1M. That will help you get instant credibility to get past ANY broker who tries to give you a hard time.
I had to work for YEARS to establish a track record, and you won’t have to do any of that because you’re going to get instant credibility as a special bonus.
Boom, instant credibility. How much is instant credibility worth to you? Easily a $2,500 value.

BONUS # 2: Vision Map and 90-Day Plan
($1,000 value)
You’ll also get my never-before-released Vision Map and 90-Day Plan that I previously only gave to new coaching clients. The Vision Map will help you answer the question “what exactly are my goals, and what do I need to do THIS week to achieve them?”
This bonus is going to make it faster and easier to figure out what you should be doing next because it gives you the exact roadmap of how to do your first deal, starting with THIS WEEK and the first 90 days.
The value of the Vision Map is easily $1,000 because it took me years to perfect this framework.
But now you don’t have to figure it all out yourself, because I’m giving it to you as a special bonus.

BONUS # 3: Lifetime Online Support
($696 Value)
I’m going to give you LIFETIME access to my online support forum if you invest today.
I WANT you to do your first deal, and I want you to be able to connect with a community and ask questions.
Being able to ask questions and network is easily worth $29 per month, wouldn’t you agree?
It’s hard to measure total value, but if you consider the benefits in the first two years, the value would be $696.

BONUS # 4: Deal Maker’s Mastermind – 6 Months
($594 Value)When you sign up, you’ll also get 6-months access to my “Deal Maker’s Mastermind” (DMM) program, which will help you to become a “Deal Master”, someone who can analyze deals quickly and accurately and make offers with a high degree of confidence.
When I first got started, I had no one to look over my analysis. I had no idea if I was doing it right. As a result, I didn’t have much confidence in making offers, so I delayed in making offers. But you don’t have to go through that.
Through the DMM program, you’ll be able to upload your analysis to our private online forum, and one of our coaches gives you feedback about your analysis.
The DMM is a monthly subscription of $99 per month, and I’m including 6 months for free if you sign up today.
That’s a total value of $594 that’s included in your investment for a LIVE person to give you feedback on your analysis so that you can make offers confidently. After your first 6 months, you’ll be charged $99 per month if you want to continue the service.

BONUS # 5: Deal Desk Privileges 
($6,000 Value)
And now we come to the BIG bonus!
If you sign up today, you will also get Deal Desk Submission Privileges. This is absolutely HUGE. If you want to do your first deal as soon as possible, and feel like you don’t have the cash yourself or are don’t think you can raise it fast enough, then go find a good deal and bring it to me – I’ll raise all of the money for it.
Patrick Duffy took advantage of the Deal Desk to do his first deal. He followed what we teach in the online program, uploaded his analysis to the DMM forum, got positive feedback. He then researched his assumptions thoroughly and then uploaded it to the Deal Desk.
We verified that he had analyzed, researched and negotiated the deal properly (like you’ll learn in the course), we worked out a Joint Venture agreement, and then raised the equity we needed. We closed on that deal in mid April, and Patrick did his first deal – with none of his own money.
So if you feel like you can’t raise the money yourself, don’t worry! Just find the deal, follow the process and I’ll partner with you to close the deal.

BONUS # 6: Two Tickets for the Financial Freedom Summit
($753 Value)
Once you register for the program, you’ll get 2 free tickets to attend the upcoming Financial Summit Live Event.
In this hands-on workshop, you’re going to experience what it’s like to do your first deal – a 69-unit property in Memphis – from start to finish. Working in small groups, you’re going to find the deal, analyze it, make offers and get it under contract.
You’ll find and evaluate different financing sources, and you’ll raise money from investors. You’ll go through due diligence and encounter various twists and turns: will the deal actually close?
By the time you’re done, it will be like you’ve done your first deal. Your comfort zone will have expanded exponentially, your mind … blown.
Now you can go out into the world with confidence, knowing exactly what you need to do to close your first deal.



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