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The Ultimate Collection (24 Courses in 1 Pack) is a special product which contains a number of comprehensive courses, books, and events from Bob Proctor.

What does the Ultimate Collection (24 Courses in 1 Pack) of Bob Proctor contain?

Most people never achieve their full potential, simply because they don’t understand how to think. You see, when we operate in line with Universal Laws, we go beyond apparent restrictions and literally think our way towards any outcome we want and live the life we really want. The goods, services and activities of Proctor Gallagher Institute will raise awareness and harmonize individuals with the natural, unchanging laws of the universe that contribute to raising the quality of thinking individually to enhance the quality of life worldwide. And now in Bob Proctor’s Ultimate Collection (24 Courses in 1 Pack), you’ll find it in the unique product stated below: 

  1. Bob Proctor – 4D Leadership Seminar 2017
  2. Bob Proctor – 12 Principles for Winning the Mind Game
  3. Bob Proctor – An in Depth Explanation
  4. Bob Proctor – Create Your Own Economy
  5. Bob Proctor – Freedom Series (MP3 Course)
  6. Bob Proctor – How to Improve Your Self Image
  7. Bob Proctor – Increasing Your Income
  8. Bob Proctor – Loral Langemeier: The Expression of Your Power
  9. Bob Proctor – Michele Blood: Magnet To Money
  10. Bob Proctor – Money Affirmation
  11. Bob Proctor – On Paradigms
  12. Bob Proctor – Other Videos
  13. Bob Proctor – Paradigm Shift
  14. Bob Proctor – Six Minutes to Success
  15. Bob Proctor – Taming Your Inner Voice
  16. Bob Proctor – The 11 Forgotten Laws
  17. Bob Proctor – The ABCs of Success
  18. Bob Proctor – The Goal Achiever
  19. Bob Proctor – The Science of Getting Rich
  20. Bob Proctor – The Success Puzzle
  21. Bob Proctor – The Winner’s Image
  22. Bob Proctor – Think & Grow Rich Live Stream
  23. Bob Proctor – Thinking into Results
  24. Bob Proctor – You Were Born Rich

Let’s take a brief introduction of some of the above course in the Ultimate Collection (24 Courses in 1 Pack) from Bob Proctor:

You were born rich: This book will assist you to fully appreciate the profound powers you have locked up in and the extremely fine lines that separate winners from losers of life.

  • The ABCs of Success: In this book Proctor goes beyond the fundamental rules of success and attraction, weighting 67 various themes that are vital for those who desire to realize their ambitions, including tenacity, victory, efficiency and vision.
  • Six Minutes to Success: This is a very unusual membership program in which you receive a brief film every morning in your box. The film is meant to make you think and act all day long, achieving your biggest and boldest ambitions. You will find that the movie you receive each morning only contains the message you want at this particular moment – and you will have access to a library of videos where you may search certain themes.
  • The Science of Getting Rich: Following more than 25 years of studying The Science of Getting Rich, Bob Proctor has built a full curriculum based on the principles of this book. It is a practical program aimed at those who want to become wealthy as soon as possible and are prepared to accept the findings of science to support their efforts to get riches.

Meet your course deliver is Bob Proctor

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Bob Proctor is widely regarded as one of the world’s best wealth speakers. He teaches individuals how to unlock their latent potential to do, be, and have more in all areas of life. Based on Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, his teaching style is unmatched. Bob Proctor has spent over 40 years helping people establish prosperous lives, fulfilling relationships, and spiritual understanding. His inspiring and motivating manner has made him one of the world’s most sought-after prosperity presenters. Bob Proctor can help you because he understands your situation. In 1960, he was a high school dropout with a stale resume and a debt-ridden future. Bob was given the book Think and Grow Rich, which gave him hope. Bob’s life changed dramatically in a few months, aided by Earl Nightingale’s writings. He made over $100,000 in a year and shortly over $1 million. Bob then traveled to Chicago to work with his mentor, Earl Nightingale. He left his job as Vice President of Sales to start his own seminar firm. Bob Proctor currently travels the world teaching others how to believe in and act on their own mental brilliance.

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