Ultimate Collection (11 Courses in 1 Pack) – Bradley Benner


The Ultimate Collection (11 Courses in 1 Pack) of Bradley Benner is a special product which combines 11 programs teaching you all about internet marketing.

What does the Ultimate Collection (11 Courses in 1 Pack) of Bradley Benner offer you?

Bradley Benner is an online addiction marketing coach and consultant in the internet marketing sector. Local consultancy and digital content marketing are owned and handled by Big Bamboo Marketing. Thanks to its help, small firms may now compete with larger ones. In partnership with many international organizations, Bradley Benner, also established Semantic Mastery, a website for SEO and semantic web training and teaching. He has trained local marketing professionals in leading generation on Google My Business SEO, Google, and YouTube Ads, PR & content marketing, reputation, and brand building. And now he is offering you one of his special products, Bradley Benner’s Ultimate Collection (11 Courses in 1 Pack), which contains the following items:

  1. Bradley Benner – Content Kingpin
  2. Bradley Benner – Curation Academy
  3. Bradley Benner – Local GMB Pro
  4. Bradley Benner – Local Kingpin
  5. Bradley Benner – Local PR Pro
  6. Bradley Benner – Outsource Kingpin
  7. Bradley Benner – RYS Academy Reloaded
  8. Bradley Benner – Semantic Mastery Masterclass
  9. Bradley Benner – Twitter SEO Academy
  10. Bradley Benner – YouTube Silo Academy
  11. Bradley Benner – IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0


Let’s take a brief introduction of some of the above course in the Bradley Benner’s Ultimate Collection (11 Courses in 1 Pack):

  • Local Kingpin: Local Kingpin is an AdWords training that teaches you how to create leads using the paid advertising platform of Google. This coaching program is for you whether you are totally new to local marketing, or you want to discover the fastest method to establish your own 6 figures online company. Not only does it offer you all of the local lead generation from A to Z in one place, it also teaches you how to outsource and expand the business as we have done for you, the high quality lead genes that we have already developed.
  • Outsource Kingpin: Outsource Kingpin is a thorough 7-module training course that will teach you how to discover, recruit, train, and manage resources for growing and expanding your business. Most of the outsourcing courses are simply ebooks which provide material, perhaps a few years ago. With Outsource Kingpin, however, you will precisely see how highly qualified personnel can take care of our processes with step-by-step processes, which have already shown hundreds how long-term outsourcing success is achieved, resulting in business growth and greater personal satisfaction from increasing free time and stability.


Meet your coach Bradley Benner

Bradley Benner

Bradley Benner is a senior partner at Semantic Mastery and a board member. He began his career in the technical trades at the age of 19 and spent 4 years in the electrical and communications industries.

Bradley quit the technical trades in 2003 to start a real estate investing company. This is where he learnt that marketing is essential to a business’s success. So he began studying marketing, both art and science. Since 2003, he has worked in marketing for real estate, service contractors, mortgage companies, and nightclub/event promotions. In 2010, Bradley recognized the marketing environment had moved to digital, so he re-focused on site design, SEO, and social networking. So he expanded his company, Big Bamboo Marketing, into a complete digital marketing solution for small businesses.

In addition, Bradley Benner also acts as a teacher and coach, routinely holding private and group training sessions to teach others, particularly local and content marketers, how to use the semantic web to their advantage. He also presents the weekly digital marketing Q&A called Hump Day Hangouts, which is live broadcast via Google Hangouts. Content curation to drive stack is among the subjects covered on the team’s YouTube channel.

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