Danielamerman – Turning Inflation Into Wealth 8 DVD Complete Video Course


Danielamerman – Turning Inflation Into Wealth 8 DVD Complete Video Course

Turning Inflation Into Wealth is the original 8 DVD and 6 book set and still the core of the Daniel Amerman Collection.  Among the numerous topics explored are:

Identifying both inflation and deflation arbitrage points of opportunity

Mastering & reversing inflation taxes

Turning manipulated markets into wealth

Creating positive wealth feedback loops

Finding your personal balance point

Building a positive skew into your strategies

Testing robustness with multiple futures

A radically different approach to retirement investing

Why the retirement of the Boomers will likely lead to major asset deflation hidden behind a façade of monetary inflation and false profits

The intertwined relationships between monetary inflation, asset deflation & interest rates

Identifying two different ways of turning 44% real housing deflation and the destruction of 68% of the value of the dollar into the after-tax and after-inflation equivalents of a 40%+ annual conventional rate of return

The three yield spikes:  Inflation Arbitrage, The False Bottom & The Real Bottom

Strategies for rapid real wealth creation during times of high inflation

How to use inflation arbitrage strategies to reduce risk, & how these strategies contrast with leverage strategies that heighten risk

The single number that will have the greatest impact on your retirement standard of living – and is ignored by conventional financial planning

The deeply intertwined relationships between the markets, consumer spending, Social Security, Medicare & retirement investment values

How the intertwined tidal pressures of four million Boomers a year switching from buying to selling will transform retirement investments

Investing not for impossible promises – but the promise-breaking

Investing not for the crisis – but the bailout

Investing to turn the systematic destruction of other people’s savings into your increased personal wealth

The Retirement Reality Hedge – a radically different approach to slashing your true retirement investment risk

What happens if the future buyers of our investments don’t blindly follow mathematical extrapolations, but are highly intelligent individuals?

What happens when fulfilling your expectations contradicts future investor self-interest, and how much of your retirement is at risk?

Why the sheer size of Boomer wealth expectations will force future investors to actively, intelligently change their behavior – and thus prices

How to switch your generational allegiance from fellow Boomer sellers, to aligning your interests with those doing the buying

How the pressures created by the retirement of the Boomers will build together to produce the arbitrage opportunity of a lifetime

Using a dynamic, opportunistic, multi-component inflation strategy

Using embedded (not traded) options to skew returns & produce dramatically higher upside returns than downside exposure

Designing a strategy that is based upon the steady, almost invisible accumulation of wealth, rather than market timing trades

Minimizing counterparty risk & shielding yourself from market collapses

Separating cashing out of investments from the triggering of tax events

The essentials of creating arbitrage using hedge fund type strategies

How to use one falling market to offset risks from another falling market

Differences between leveraged debt strategies that increase risk, and the application of arbitrage strategies that reduce standard of living risk

Using multiple and shifting assets in arbitraging multiyear cycles

Rolling over shorts and refreshing inflation-fighting protection

Emphasis on minimal trading costs

Focus on passive wealth accumulation in a tax-advantaged manner

Separating cash flow timing from tax event timing where possible

Please note that the DVDs and companion manual are of a strictly educational nature, rather than the rendering of professional advice. The future is uncertain, and there are no guarantees or promises of success or particular outcomes. As with any financial decisions, there is a risk that things will not work out as planned, and with hindsight, another decision would have been better.


The DVD set and printed manual will not include specific investment, legal or any other form of professional advice. If specific advice is needed, it should be sought from an appropriate professional. Any liability, responsibility or warranty for the specific results of the application of the general educational principles contained in the DVDs and the written materials, either directly or indirectly, are expressly disclaimed by Daniel Amerman.







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