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Turn Your Dreams into Money by Emma Drew shares the step-by-step guidelines of how to build up a six-figure blog with tactics of marketing and social media

Turn Your Dreams into Money by Emma Drew breaks down the stereotype of ‘pathetic dreamers’ 

Turn Your Dreams into Money by Emma Drew is the extraction of experience that Emma has made her blog reach with earnings of 6 figures. It is not easy to make a living with writing, and so are other jobs. You need to have capacity and other skills to build up through time with your practices and self – branding. If you are still struggling with the starting point, taking the Turn Your Dreams into Money course by Emma Drew is a great idea. You will learn what she has applied to make her blog become profitable to live her dream. 

The mainstay of her methods is the balance between your dream and your target audience’ style. In other words, you learn to connect with your audience for insights into the content and approach methods to your audience. For the goal of profitability, your blog needs to show the benefits that it tries to help your audience, feed them with the information and writing style that they love and are willing to pay for. Moreover, Turn Your Dreams into Money by Emma Drew walks you through the techniques and strategies of how you can promote your blog to attract clients and partners. The detailed guidelines of how to leverage social media, email marketing, etc. are shared in the course. 

Overview of what you learn in Turn Your Dreams into Money by Emma Drew:

  • How to identify your target audience, their characteristics and what they prefer to read, the channels to approach them, etc. for insights into your concepts and content. 
  • How to diversify the source of income from your blogging and the guidelines of protecting it from spam, hacking, etc. with useful tools and softwares.
  • The knowledge about SEO, or search engine optimization, for your blogging to appear on the top of ranking, which can increase the traffic to your sites, lead generation, and so on.  
  • The guidelines of how to leverage social media platforms, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. for promoting your blog. 
  • Instruction on affiliate marketing and how to utilise it for your blogging business. 
  • The referenced guidelines of email templates and blogging content, etc. are shared.
  • And so much more!


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About Emma Drew

About - Make Money Without A Job 

Emma Drew has been known as an expert in online blogging and she could run a blog site with the revenues of six figures.  The methods and strategies that Emma Drew has applied to her career arouse a lot of curiosity from the blogging community, therefore, she decided to develop many courses that could help you, and other bloggers, make a wealthy life with writing. Emma Drew founded an online platform called turnyourdreamsintomoney.com, for sharing the skills and knowledge that you need to become a profitable blogger. The deep – dives into affiliate marketing, tools and softwares you can use to protect your blog from spam and hacking, how to leverage social media platforms for traffic to your blogs, etc. are provided in Emma Drew course. The practical insights into which methods will work and which will not are shown so you can easily filter out the bad frameworks and focus on the adaptable ones.

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