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The course Introduction to AmiBroker Programming of Tradingmarkets is a special opportunity to learn how to backtest your optimal trading idea in one day.

Discover the course Introduction to AmiBroker Programming of Tradingmarkets

Even if you have only rudimentary or no knowledge of how to test in AmiBroker, you will still be able to to complete the Introduction to AmiBroker Programming course. This is knowledge that you can use in your business for the rest of your professional life. In this course, you will start from the beginning and will be able to take the Strategy Guides and program them yourself in AmiBroker within hours after completing it. Furthermore, the signals for the following day will be generated by your own code.

This course is intended for traders who desire to learn how to utilize AmiBroker to build backtests and/or trading signals, but who are unfamiliar with the AmiBroker programming language and would like to learn it. You will be able to create your own custom indicators and upload them to your AmiBroker chart at the conclusion of this Introduction to AmiBroker Programming course. It also teaches you how to utilize basic trading techniques to determine which boundaries are valid and which are not, as well as how to adopt and enhance the approaches that are advantageous in the market. You may use your backtest results to confirm that they are correct and to generate trade recommendations for the following trading day.

Introduction to AmiBroker Programming is a six-hour online course that includes a video tutorial. The course is interactive and may be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. There will be several break-out sessions where you will have the opportunity to work with AmiBroker and AFL code templates, which you can easily customize to meet your specific needs. An additional resource is a free copy of the ConnorsRSI Selective Strategy for ETFs and Stocks Strategy Guidebook, which serves as the foundation for the test and is available online. After completing the course, you will be able to use this approach, program it yourself in AmiBroker, and get signals for the next day.

Meet your AmiBroker trainer Matt Radtke

Matt Radtke, Research Director at Connors Research, will be your instructor for the day. Matt has previously worked as a professional programmer and has the talent of teaching others how to program in an easy-to-learn manner. Since taking on the role of Director of Studies, Connors Studies has been able to develop and implement some of the most significant research and strategies in the organization’s history. Matt Radtke will guide you through the process of properly testing AmiBroker, allowing you to put your best trading strategies to the test immediately. Consider the possibility of having a trading idea and being able to test it out for yourself. During the Introduction to AmiBroker Programming course, you will learn exactly how to go about accomplishing this.

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