Tradingacademy – XLT Momentum Intraday Trading


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Tradingacademy – XLT Momentum Intraday Trading


The XLT – Momentum Intraday Trading curriculum is the logical next step for serious student traders who desire to master the tools, techniques and trading skills needed for intraday, swing and momentum trading.

The course is designed to provide the committed student trader the practical applications of implementing the curriculum taught in our Professional Trader class series.

XLT – Momentum Intraday Trading is taught by some of our top instructors including Sam Seiden and Brandon Wendell, who teach by doing. This learning experience is designed for the beginning trader through advanced intraday momentum and swing traders. Students are given a specific set of rules and are taught how to apply these rules in real-world, live market trading. During this experience, students will observe their instructor identify low risk, high reward, and high probability trading opportunities. Students learn how to properly enter and manage trades as they watch their instructor demonstrate these skills in live market conditions. The result is an indelible learning experience and a model of success for trading disciplines and practical applications.

– Perfect course for the Intraday Trader

– Live market trading and analysis guided by the instructor – putting theory and concept into action

– Practical applications that all traders can use




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