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Trading Double Calendar in 2018 by Sheridan Mentoring guides you through how to implement a double calendar to obtain the consistency of high profitability.

Trading Double Calendar in 2018 by Sheridan Mentoring


Trading Double Calendar in 2018 by Sheridan Mentoring provides a sneak show of how Dan Sheridan, the founder of Sheridan Mentoring, structured and managed Double Calendars for the consistency of profitability. The step – by – step guidelines are provided in the course, which can help you understand the details of the whole process. There are six classes packed in the Trading Double Calendar in 2018 by Sheridan Mentoring, walking you through different methods and techniques applied to double calendar trading strategies to win higher profits in such a highly unstable market as the options trading market. 


Advantages of the Double Calendar Spread include: 


A double calendar spread leverages the actions of selling calls and puts that are nearly expired and buying future month calls and puts at the same strike price. There are many benefits that you can gain when applying this options trading stratings, such as: 


  • The extension and width of the double calendar spreads. 
  • The double calendar spread can use both call and put options. 
  • You can have more positions when applying double calendar spread. 


What can you expect when taking the Trading Double Calendar in 2018 by Sheridan Mentoring?


  • Instructions on Greeks and how to set up trades with double calendars. 
  • Guidelines on risk management and modifications of double calendars. 
  • Insights into how to apply double calendars to different vehicles. 
  • Learning the best practices of trading double calendars with Mark Fenton. 
  • The comprehensive walk – through on how to apply trading double calendars in a wide range of different volatility environments. 
  • The detailed guidelines on how to develop a trading plan to achieve $3000 per month with Double Calendars. 
  • And so much more!

Dan Sheridan, the body and the soul of Sheridan Options Mentoring

Sheridan Mentoring

Sheridan Options Mentoring has been one of the top trading educational platforms where you learn specific strategies and techniques for options trading. The leader of Sheridan Options Mentoring is Dan Sheridan who has more than 30 years of options trading. With the aid of vast knowledge and experience, Dan Sheridan has been through a wide range of trading situations which challenged the flexibility of his trading strategies and techniques. As a result, when taking the courses of Sheridan Options Mentoring, you will get access to illuminating insights into multifaceted aspects of options trading, such as tactics, strategies, tools as well as trading psychology. 


The personal mentoring programs with Dan Sheridan open ample chances to gain hands – on experience to achieve the top – out profits through the catchup of trading opportunities, and avoid the trading pitfalls. With the striking performances of his trading along with the energetic activities of Sheridan Options Mentoring, Dan Sheridan has been featured on many programs and channels of finance and trading, such as Ameritrade Network, CBOE – Chicago Board Options Exchange, ThinkorSwim, Interactive Brokers, Optionsxpress Charles SCHWAB, NBR by CNBC, Trade Monster, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, Tasty Trade, Futures, Shanghai Stock Exchange, OIC – The Options Industry Council, and so on.


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