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Timothy Sykes – TimRaw

Timothy Sykes - TimRaw

This 12 hour course provides an introduction to Tim’s Pennystocking strategies and some basic tips about trading. You can see realistic, un-edited, behind the scenes lessons from a master trader.


“This is the most useful source of information I believe Tim made with Penny stocking Part Deux and TMF2. The reason I believe this DVD is great is due to the fact it places you, the viewer, in the seat at the seminar. He goes to great lengths to detail everything he does, how he interprets charts and what signals he looks for on level 2 screens to determine entry and exits.  A quality DVD worth the money!”

“So far I have pennystocking, pennystocking part deux, timfundamentals, and also this DVD. Out of all the DVDS i like this one the best. It is pretty entertaining which makes it much easier to watch multiple times to absorb all the knowledge in the DvD. It includes many of the key lessons taught in all the previous mentioned DvDs. If youre going to spend money on only one of Tim’s DVD I’d recommend buying this one. Also go buy a library card instead of buying every single book Tim mentions that way you will have money to go buy another of his DvD. Very entertaining and I learned a lot. Thanks Tim.”

“This is a monster DVD with over 12 hours of footage to watch. CRAZINESS! I loved this DVD and all the content Tim covers. He hits a little bit of everything from the basics of his strategy in a Vancouver seminar to finance books he likes and recommends to his routines and websites he uses to find stocks to trade. This one is WELL worth the money and provides lots of valuable information. Another one I highly recommend.”

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