How To Make Millions – Timothy Sykes


How to Make Millions by Tim Sykes is a must watch day trader instructional DVD that has inspired many learners worldwide to become successful traders.

Learn Tim Sykes’ trading rules and strategies with the DVD course How to Make Millions

How to Make Millions is the most comprehensive guide to making an exact explanation of how to make a few thousand dollars in a few years, all the way up to a million dollars, available anywhere. Timothy Sykes and many of his top pupils and colleagues have done this and now they share all their secrets, best and worst business methods, as well as tried and tested advice that they know about their remarkable journeys for the first time. This DVD is a whopping 35 hours in length, beginning with the most fundamental principles of stocks and stock trading and progressing to describe the techniques employed by real self-made multi-millionaires to get wealthy.

Tim has an excellent instructional manner as well as a wide range of talents in this How to Make Millions video. He has also recorded trades that demonstrate that he profits from the products and services that he recommends. Honestly, there isn’t a better internet trainer out there in this field. Prepare to embark on a trip with Tim that you have never experienced before. When it comes to penny stock investment, this DVD is for those who are completely new to the concept. Tim begins with the fundamentals in manageable steps and progresses to effectively expose his trading method for penny stocks as time goes on.

When you have finished watching Tim Sykes’ How to Make Millions DVD, you will have gained a comprehensive grasp of the workings of the penny stock universe, and you will have a profound appreciation for the fact that success in such a world can be attained via consistency and dedication.

Here’s some of the topics you will walk through with Tim Sykes in this DVD course:

  • How to Enter Orders
  • The Best Brokers to Use
  • The Best Software Tools and Research Websites
  • Lessons on Trading Vocabulary
  • Stock Trading Patterns
  • When to Trade
  • When Not to Trade
  • Position Sizing
  • Loss Cutting
  • Planning Out Your Trades
  • How to Grow Small Accounts Exponentially

Who is Tim Sykes? 

Tim Sykes

Tim Sykes earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Tulane University in 2003, as well as a minor in business administration. Throughout his time at Tulane, he separated classes into day trades on a regular basis. In his senior year, he founded Cilantro Investment Management, a short-term hedge fund with $1 million in capital raised primarily from friends and family. Sykes was selected from Trader Monthly’s 30 Under 30 list of up-and-coming traders for the year 2006. Initially, he claimed that the Cilantro Fund was the number one long-term micro hedge fund in the world, according to Barclays; however, Lane later discovered that the rankings were provided by the Barclay Group, a small Research business based in Fairfield, Iowa, rather than the renowned UK bank Barclays. Sykes is currently working as a financial activist and lecturer. was created in 2007 by him. It is both a personal forum and a website dedicated to the education of penny stock investors and traders. Tim Sykes founded in 2009, a website that aggregates customer assessments on financial markets, photographs, books, and financial brokers, among other things., a social business that provides stock information online, was launched by Sykes in 2011 and currently has over 20,000 users.

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