Timing Solution Advanced Build 08 Jun 2011

iming Solution Advanced Build 08 Jun 2011

Size: 358 MB

You Just Pay: $39

If you have any question please contact : [email protected] And Skype: library.king (William)

Timing Solution Advanced Build 08 Jun 2011


Timing Solution Advanced Build 08 Jun 2011


Why you are here


You are here. I bet that you have had enough experience with different charting tools and methods of Technical Analysis. You have tried Fibonacci levels, pitchforks and other. You have applied different indicators. Moreover, you know what it is really worth. That is the reason why you are still looking for a better tool.


When you run Timing Solution software, you see immediately that it is totally different from other programs for technical/financial analysis. The most programs deal with PAST explanation of the price movement and HOPES that the FUTURE price movement repeats the patterns revealed and explained for the past. Timing Solution provides totally different approach. It is totally concentrated on the forecast of the FUTURE forecast. This only fact drastically changes the situation and explains why the systems that claim 80% accurate forecast do not work when you apply them for real trading. The accuracy of our models is less than usually advertised elsewhere. However, each percent is true, and we stand by it.


Timing Solution Advanced  – covers all techniques.


If your choice is Timing Solution Advanced, you may opt for a package with a software CD and the hardware key as an addition to the electronic key version. Please see here the details.


What happens after you bought the program


When you buy any version of Timing Solution software, you will be registered in the Timing Solution data base accordingly.


As soon as we get a notice of your payment received, we send you by e-mail the information how to get access to User Area and download the Electronic Key version of the software.


Follow the procedure in that e-mail and download your version of the software.


You may would like to follow our recommendations to new users of the software: https://www.timingsolution.com/TS/Help/index.htm


If you have bought Timing Solution Advanced and chose a shipping option (a package by regular mail with the installation CD and the USB dongle (Hardware Key for USB port)), wait till the package arrived. It would be your second copy of the software. If you chose to have only electronic key version (no shipping fee paid), you may want to work with the software in the office and at home. In this case, please send e-mail to [email protected] to get one more activation code.




All registered users of Timing Solution can access the upgrading system through User Area. These upgrades are free of charge. They include fixing errors and improving the interface as well as some (not all) new techniques. The information about the latest upgrade is published on TS Yahoo Group. The user may download the advertised upgrade at any time of user’s convenience. It is an important part of the software because the program is growing and changing all the time as we add new techniques and improve the old ones constantly.


Please be advised that these regular upgrades differ significantly from the upgrades done for Terra Incognita project (Terra Incognita upgrades are also advertised on TS Yahoo Group; more information about the project is here: https://www.timingsolution.com/TI/).




Any registered user of Timing Solution can be a member of Timing Solution Yahoo Group. The group is very active; we answer there questions related to the usage of the software and introduce new methods and techniques.


You will receive the invitation letter to join TS Yahoo Group after purchasing the software, together with the information regarding how to download the program.

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