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Tiffany aka Coach Glitter – Lights Camera Branding

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The Lights Camera Branding by Tiffany Aka Coach Glitter gives you the excellent techniques and proven strategies helping you to advanced the personal brand name

Advanced personal brand name with the Lights Camera Branding course

What can you expect from this course?

The Lights Camera Branding course developed and launched by Tiffany Aka Coach Glitter is the light bulb giving you the comprehensive knowledge that is really essential for you to build up the personal brand name with the impressive credentials successfully.

This course aims to provide you with the principles from basic to advanced that allow you to understand the requirements and supporting tools that you should have when beginning to create the branding strategies. You will be taught by Tiffany the ultimate way to utilize the specialized tool, mainly the media one, as the powerful weapon helping you to build a very good brand image in the mindset of customers and followers, based on the circumstances and your purpose.

Lights Camera Branding
Lights Camera Branding

At the end of this Lights Camera Branding course, you will get through all the techniques and principles, gaining much more knowledge about media and branding, which allows you to successfully construct a high-effective branding campaign being able to bring back the significant accomplishments. 

What will you learn in this course?

Taking part in the Light Camera Brading course, you will learn deeply in the techniques and principles of branding and marketing via the professional syllabus and high-quality lessons, which will shape for you the solid foundation as the vast knowledge about branding aspect. Therefore, you will be able to adapt all learning lessons into the personal case and successfully build your own brand name and spread it on a massive scale. 

To ensure that every student who is registering in this course will be able to fully consume the whole educating information and valuable messages given in the course, you will have the Q&A section after each lesson, so that you can raise the concerns or anything unclear in the learning process to have the immediate answers. Along with this benefit, you will also receive several study materials helping you to follow up the course’s lessons which are explanations for specialized terms, lectures written in friendly languages and practical strategies. 

The following is detailed course’s outline that you will learn when participating in the Light Camera Branding course:

  • Module 1: Live video confidence
  • Module 2: Lights sound angles
  • Module 3: Branded set creation
  • Module 4: Makeup and wardrobe
  • Bonus #1 – Profitable Facebook groups ($500 value!) With Caitlin Bacher
  • Bonus #2 – Facebook ads, to boost or not to boost ($500 value!) With Rachel Mcmichael
  • Bonus #3 – Creating great graphics ($500 value!) With Chris Beltran
  • Bonus #4 – Creating a captivating copy ($500 value!) With Sara Anna Powers

Learn more information about Tiffany Aka Coach Glitter

Tiffany Aka Coach Glitter is an expert in the production world who has more than 18 year experience working in film, TV and commercials. One of her most outstanding works is that she took on prominent network roles on shows such as America’s Next Top Model, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The Real Housewives of Orange County, CNN, and Fox.

Tiffany Aka Coach Glitter
Tiffany Aka Coach Glitter

Tiffany Aka Coach Glitter gained experience while working behind the scenes with some of the greatest Personal Brands and online marketers, such as Chalene Johnson. Additionally, Tiffany’s work entails counseling thousands of entrepreneurs and assisting them in scaling their enterprises. Additionally, Lights Camera Branding distills all of her high-level ideas into manageable baby steps that you can begin implementing immediately to achieve huge results.

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