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The Profile Trading Mastery by The Trading Framework shares with you the full picture of trading concepts that you need to know for advanced personal profile

Discovering the useful content of the Profile Trading Mastery course

What can you expect from this course?

The Profile Trading Mastery course developed and launched by The Trading Framework is the intelligent course leading you to observe the comprehensive picture of the trading industry, allowing you to be aware of the full trading concepts in order to extend the acknowledgement and understand the techniques on how to advanced trading profile successfully. 

Profile Trading Mastery
Profile Trading Mastery

Participating in this course, Kam Dhadwar will present with you his most comprehensive trading program to date in this one-of-a-kind product. During this course, you will gain a thorough understanding of all of the ideas that you will need to know in order to utilize “The Trading Framework” in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

His program was originally intended to be finished in 18 weeks, which was the original plan.

What will you learn in this course?

By enrolling in the Profile Trading Mastery course, you will have a chance to dive deep in the professional curriculum, containing high-quality lessons that step by step instructs you to get through the techniques and principles to advance your account and gain the trustworthy appearance to your trading profile. For each registrant of this course, you will receive several supporting materials to ensure that you are able to catch up the flow of course’s syllabus, and consume the whole given information in order to apply it in your personal cases perfectly. Those materials are the easy-to-follow lectures, apparently explanations of specialized terms, and the Q&A section with course mentors. 

The following is the summary of the course’s content that you will follow up when taking part in The Trading Framework:

  • Module 1: Developing a Specialized Knowledge of Trading Value
  • Module 2: Market Sentiment Analysis
  • Module 3: Expanding Your Contextual Understanding 
  • Module 4: Using Market and Time Frame Confluences to Identify High Probability Setups
  • Module 5: Harmonics and Rotations in the Markets
  • Module 6: Developing Control Over Timing, Execution, and Order Flow
  • Module 7: Effective Trade Management and Risk-Position Sizing Plans
  • Module 8: The Process of Pre-Market Analysis and Top-Down Analysis Required for Increased Belief and Confidence
  • Module 9: Using the Framework for Day Trading 
  • Module 10: Using the Framework for Swing Trading 
  • Module 11: Using the Framework for Scalping Module 12: Creating a Business Plan and Financial Forecasts
  • Module 13: Developing a Trading Strategy
  • Module 14: Journaling – What and why to track
  • Module 15: Techniques for Developing Self-Control and Patience
  • Module 16: Self-Management in the Present Moment

Learn more information about The Trading Framework

Founded by Kam Dhadwar, a professional proprietary trader based in London UK, A group of active futures/derivatives traders developed the Trading Framework with the goal of teaching other traders how to use our unique Discretionary Approach to Day Trading Futures markets, which includes Market Profile, Auction Theory, and Advanced Order Flow Analysis techniques, among other things. The Trading Framework provides Peak Performance Coaching and Mentoring to help traders improve their Performance and Profitability, with the goal of assisting other traders in finding the right path to follow in this field, as well as contributing cutting-edge techniques and uncovering information to the trading community.

The Trading Framework
Kam Dhadwar – The Trading Framework

If you have any questions about the Profile Trading Mastery brought by The Trading Framework or related information such as price, payment method, please feel free to contact us via the enclosed address below for consultation. View more Finance & Trading Courses.

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