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The SPX 35-40 Day Delta Neutral Unbalanced Butterfly from Sheridan Options Mentoring will teach you to become more confident in the options trading market.

Course introduction

Sheridan Options Mentoring’ course SPX 35-40 Day Delta Neutral Unbalanced Butterfly will go into one of the most popular and effective option strategies known as the Theta positive trade, which is an All Weather Butterfly that can be used in almost any situation. The course delves deeply into the intricacies of this very successful method. Risk management and adjustments, as well as the Greeks of this trade, are discussed in detail. The objective of this course is for you to become a skilled practitioner of the SPX 35-40 Day Call Unbalanced Butterfly Trade.

What you will learn inside the course SPX 35-40 Day Delta Neutral Unbalanced Butterfly by Sheridan Options Mentoring

This workshop will teach you how to properly attach the fly, how broad the wing should be, how to fix it if it goes against you, and all the other factors that go into basic money management in the trade. You’ll also discover the optimal market circumstances in which to enter the trade, since one of the most common blunders traders make is entering the transaction in the incorrect market conditions. Dan Sheridan will demonstrate precisely how he does it, what he monitors to determine whether or not you can join the trade as usual, and also a comprehensive breakdown of when the deal begins to go against you. There are methods to rectify it without having to close the transaction. You may mend this transaction by remaining in it, obtaining your theta, and exiting. The course also discusses how Dan handles the market on a daily basis, what he does before the market opens, what he does during market hours, and so on, so you get a glimpse into what he considers and looks at on a daily basis, as well as which style of trading is one of his favorites. Whether you’re a novice or an accomplished player, there are some things you can take away from this. The following is a comprehensive list of topics covered in The SPX 35-40 Day Delta Neutral Unbalanced Butterfly:

  • What is a Butterfly?
  • Why does this Butterfly work?
  • How to put this Butterfly on
  • How wide the Wings should be
  • How to repair/adjust this trade if it goes against you
  • Managing your Butterfly
  • The best market conditions to place this trade


Better knowing your mentors Dan Sheridan and Mark Fenton

About Dan Sheridan

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Dan Sheridan has been trading options for over 30 years and teaching traders all around the globe. Jon and Pete Najarian’s Mercury Trading business employed Dan as a market maker on the CBOE, where he worked for many years. Most traders at Mercury, including Pete Najarian, one of CNBC’s Fast Money’s anchors, were trained by Dan. For the first time since leaving the pits, Sheridan Mentoring was formed by Dan in 2004. He now teaches other traders how he made a living trading options and shares his knowledge with them. In addition, Dan trains professional and retail traders through a variety of venues, including: There will be an interview with Dan on the TDAmeritrade Network. The CBOE has highlighted him and he routinely does instructional webinars at InteractiveBrokers and a number of brokerages.


About Mark Fenton

Mark Fenton is a senior mentor, Mark provides one-on-one guidance to individuals, conducts group sessions, and creates trading strategies and plans. In his role as a retail trader, he has been involved in the trading of stocks, futures, commodities, and options for over 18 years. Mark formerly had series 7 and series 66 licenses, among other things. Mark is particularly skilled at producing traders who are able to adhere to a strategy while also managing their emotions and impulses, which may be detrimental to their trading.

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