The Secret Weapon – Ed Rush


The Secret Weapon by Ed Rush sheds light on how to approach prospects, make a good impression with your pitching and negotiate with them to close deals.

The Secret Weapon by Ed Rush


The Secret Weapon by Ed Rush has been considered as one of the most comprehensive courses about sales skills which can help you increase deal closing rates. If you are an online entrepreneur or salesman, you can find useful information about necessary skills that smooth your sales process. With the aid of vast knowledge and experience, Ed Rush shares with you the best practices of prospecting, pitching and negotiation so that you can close the deals at the high values that strike the balance between the benefits of your customers and your business. The step – by – step guidelines are provided along with the illustrated case studies and examples, so that you can gain practical insights rather than the raw theories of techniques and strategies. 


Whenever there is something related to human communication, it is really hard to put the skills in the frame of formula and templates. Flexibility is highlighted as one of the top characteristics that you need to win the deals. The unbending behaviours make the dumb luck become the top essential thing in your sales, which does not work well in such a highly volatile and competitive market as business. However, self – disciplined and well – organised traits are the next ones that can help you win the best deals as well as increase your deal closing rates. The combination between these traits is packed in the Secret Weapon by Ed Rush, through the well – structured instructions on the best practices. 


Overview of what you can learn in the Secret Weapon by Ed Rush:

  • The fundamental knowledge and skills that can help you attract more prospects are shared in detail, along with the illustrations of case studies and examples.
  • Access to the  Ultimate Marketing 4-Letter Word which can help you gain more calls from prospects, potential leads, etc. in other words, it helps you expand the sales funnel. 
  • Thorough instructions on how to convince your leads that your products and services are the solutions to the problems they have been facing up to, in the persuasion mastery. 
  • Insights into the weapon tools that are the best tips extracted from the experience of Ed Rush. 
  • And so much more!

About Ed Rush

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Ed Rush has been recognized as a global speaker and four time best selling author about business development and management. The list of Ed’s clients includes the big figures in a wide range of fields and subjects, such as sport, politics, entertainments, and so on. The striking approaches to business setups are now openly shared in online courses with Ed Rush through his online platform, The blending between theories and practices is found in the courses by Ed Rush, which can help you gain access to the practical techniques and strategies, rather than the grandstanding ones. 

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