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The Secret Mindset Academy by The Secret Mindset shares the fundamentals of trading techniques, tools and strategies for you to start trading profitably.

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The Secret Mindset Academy by The Secret Mindset


You will love The Secret Mindset Academy by The Secret Mindset if…


  • You are the beginner of trading knowledge and skills so you need to learn the fundamentals for the foundation to grow your profits. 
  • You are looking for the shortcuts and time-saving and cost-saving methods to trade profitably and confidently. 
  • You want to learn the powerful tools and indicators as well as techniques to get your trading started. 
  • You want to have a wide range of trading techniques and strategies to diversify the solutions to different trading situations. 
  • You want to learn the best practices to stop losses and undertaking  high risks to gain the top – out profits. 
  • You will gain access to the realistic expectations and aims for the sustainable growth of your trading capital. 


What can you expect when taking the Secret Mindset Academy by The Secret Mindset?


  • Instructions on the techniques and indicators that are loved by professional traders. 
  • Detailed guidelines on the top three proven strategies and techniques that can be applied to any trading market and generate high profits. 
  • Boosting the trading profit earnings through the coherent instructions on trading techniques and strategies. 
  • The best practices of how to reduce the risk – taking levels that you have to undertake are provided. 
  • How to increase the accuracy of market projections. 
  • The essentials of trading skills that help you win in every trading market and instrument. 
  • And so much more!


The curriculum of The Secret Mindset Academy by The Secret Mindset includes:


  • Module 1 – Foundation:


  • Understanding market structure 
  • Swing trading
  • High frame selection 
  • The right instruments to trade 


  • Module 2 – Finding Key Levels:


  • Market swings 
  • WM HL
  • Market Profile 


  • Module 3 – Entry Techniques:


  • Pullback Entry 
  • Advanced Pullbacks
  • Breakout Trade 


  • Module 4 – Confluence Scanning:


  • Confluence Setup
  • Illustrated case studies and examples 


  • Module 5 – CMR Trading Strategy:


  • Instructions on how-tos
  • Illustrations of case studies and examples


  • Module 6 – LRMP Trading Strategy:


  • Instructions on development and application
  • Case studies and examples for practical insights


  • Module 7 – Volume Profile Strategies:


  • Instructions on volume profile, strategies
  • Insights into the volume profile trading setups


  • Module 8 – Risk Management:


  • You will learn about risk management, compounding profits 
  • Access to the Risk Management Sheet. 


  • Module 9 – Trading Mindset

  • Module 10 – TradingView indicators


About The Secret Mindset

THE SECRET MINDSET ACADEMY – free download - Scripts, Apps, SEO Tools, Courses, Dropshipping, Trading Guides

The Secret Mindset shares with you the best walk – throughs on many aspects of professional trading, such as:


  • In – depth trading strategies: you will learn the  tried – and – true strategies applied to any trading market. 
  • Key swing trading tactics: you learn about the systematic process that you can apply to analyze markets and the identification of opportune trades. 
  • No lagging indicators: you will learn how to utilise the powerful indicators and tools for the accuracy of price action projection, and so on. 
  • Price action techniques: you can learn the meanings behind the signals and patterns of trends and movements in the trading charts for more accurate projections of market moves. 
  • Modern approach to trading: the principles for trading decisions to get optimal timing of market entries/exits and trade starts/stops. 
  • And so much more!


Therefore, the Secret Mindset has gained an upsurge of popularity among the trading community to win higher profits with less risks in a highly volatile market. 


For further information about The Secret Mindset Academy by The Secret Mindset, in terms of price, samples, etc. or other courses/books sharing the same topic, you can reach out to our support team via Email, Skype or live chat on our website.

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