The Sales Kings – Joshua Gavin


The Sales Kings by Joshua Gavin cuts down on your time and effort on useless techniques through the deep-dives into the actionable tools and strategies.

The Sales Kings by Joshua Gavin


The Sales Kings by Joshua Gavin walks you through the step-by-step guidelines on the proven techniques and strategies, extracted from the realistic experiences of Joshua for the phenomenal growth of income. 


What can you expect when taking The Sales Kings by Joshua Gavin?

  • Week 1 – How To Structure and Execute Your Sales:

The preparation of your mindset that navigates your actions for the maximization of your business revenues and profits is the focal point of the first week. 

  • Week 2 – How To Find Clients That NEED Your Services:

There are more than 10 ways that you approach prospects and achieve higher lead generation and conversion rates. 

  • Week 3 – How To Keep Track Of Your Sales Performance:

You will get free access to a powerful CRM for you to monitor the performance of your sales through the management of sales pipeline and all of your leads.  

  • Week 4 – How To Land Your First Meeting In Just 24 Hours:

The best practices of cold messaging king’s classes are shared so that you can make hot deals through the booking meetings with the ideal clients. 

  • Week 5 – How To CLOSE Your First Client In Less Than 21 Days:

Access to the Golden Scepter Closing script and the sales strategies as well as tactics is open so that you can close deals with the accelerator of the process for instant earnings. 

  • Week 6 – How To Master Cold Emailing In a Day and Age Of Spam:

The best practices of how you can leverage cold emailing with the unique and outstanding approach and content are shown. Instructions on many aspects, such as sending limits, scripts and outsourcing tactics, are provided. 


What else will you get in the Sales Kings by Joshua Gavin?


  • Cold Messaging Kings Elite Classes:

The proven cold cold messaging strategy is taught so that you can apply to your business and achieve your sales goals in a shorter amount of time and effort. 

  • The Sales Kings Mindset Elite Classes:

The training about the right mindset that could help you develop and navigate viable strategies and flexible tactics to win the best deals and maintain the consistency of high profitability in such a volatile market.

  • The Sales Kings Golden Scepter Classes:

In this training, you will learn how to develop the powerful and punchy script that closes the deals. The proven script is shown in this session for the expansion of your references. 

  • The Round Table:

The dynamic community of Inner Circle Group is open for you to join so that you can discuss ideas and concerns about prospecting, closing deals, and so on with other salespersons, and so on for mutual growth. 

  • And so much more!

About Joshua Gavin

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Joshua Gavin has been known for his amazing methods and strategies that help create, optimize and scale products for small businesses, startups, and so on. Joshua Gavin has researched and combined the knowledge about techniques, human management, project management as well as operational skills, etc. Therefore, Joshu Gavin has developed many frameworks that lead to the phenomenal growth of profits for the upscale of a startup. Joshua Gavin has had wide ranging knowledge and experience in Project Management, Product Management, User Experience (UX) Design, Team Development, Product Development, Product Roadmap, SaaS, Agile Development, Marketplace, Online Retail, Digital Transformation, Content Management, and so on

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