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The Rhino Trading Strategy by SMB Training shares the strategy that helps you earn the highest profitability with day trading plan for long-term trading success.

The Rhino Options Strategy by SMB Training walks you through the guideline of trading setups that help you gain the edges 

The Rhino Options Strategy by SMB Training sheds light on how you gain consistent profitability regardless of the neutral to bearish option strategy of market. The step-by-step guideline is provided in this course, which helps you understand the whole process of development and application to real trading. The framework of Rhino Options is useful for you to increase earnings while reducing the risks you have to undertake. The illustration of vivid charts is provided in the course, which can help you visualize how the techniques and strategy are adapted. 

The overview of what you will learn when taking the Rhino Options Strategy by SMB Training

  • The walk-through of how to trade RUT (Russell 2000 Index) and SPX (S&P 500) index options 
  • The detailed guideline of the Rhino Trading alongside the illustration 
  • The techniques to get the optimal timing of trade entries and sizing 
  • The principles that keep your trades on the right tracks 
  • The deep-dives into Three Trade Priorities, including Preservation of Capital, Ease of Management, Profits
  • The instruction on rules applied for various profit targets based on the time of expiration 
  • The process of setting up OptionVUE model 
  • The techniques of trade management that help you monitor your daily trades 
  • The best practices of trading psychology to maintain your trading consistency
  • The thorough instructions on Put Broken Wing Butterflies, Call Calendars, Call Broken-wing Butterflies, Vertical Spreads and Condors, are provided 
  • The methods to decrease profit targets based on Gamma and Days to Expiration   

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About SMB Training 

SMB Training

SMB Training has been established to walk you through the comprehensive guidelines to trade profitably with the best techniques, setups and trading psychology. There are many top traders who have gained high profitability and low risk-taking, join the team of SMB Training to share their knowledge and experience. As a result, the knowledge you gain from the SMB Training courses is extracted from real trading. The proven frameworks combined with sharings of the professional traders make the courses of SMB Training gain the upsurge of popularity. A wide range of trading instruments are covered in the SMB Training programs, such as options, stocks, forex, futures, and so on.

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