The Print On Demand Challenge – Joe Robert


The Print On Demand Challenge by Joe Robert guides you to select a potential niche to start diving into the print on demand business and become profitable.

Find your winning print on demand product with The Print On Demand Challenge by Joe Robert

When people are scrolling social media and they see your stuff, they’d only be interested if the niche was important to them. They’d only consider looking if your product choice was unique and not saturated. And most importantly, they’d only purchase it if the design was great. So this means if you wanna succeed with print on demand, you need to create a winning product. A winning product is the perfect combination of a niche, product choice and a design. The Print On Demand Challenge is a value-packed workshop and 14 day coaching program that will shortcut the process to create POD products that sell. 

Throughout this course, Joe Robert will show you his simple strategy about finding a winning niche, selecting a profitable product, making a great design and launching simple Facebook ads to make sales. These strategies will be showcased over 14 days within this challenge and are responsible for generating almost $1 million in sales in 2019. In the challenge, you’ll be guided to select your niche, choose a product and craft the design for it.

Whether you already have a niche in mind, or if you need help finding one – you will see how to select profitable niches, research them and more. What you will work on in this course includes brainstorming sessions, researching your niche ideas, and validating their potential based on key market factors. Moreover, you will learn how to select products that are not saturated and outsell the competition by offering products to your niche they will love. The Print On Demand Challenge by Joe Robert will teach you about supplier research, niche demographic research, and spy on competitors. In addition, making a great design is key to making sales on a print on demand store, but it doesn’t have to be the hardest part. Now in this course you will learn how to establish your ‘design ingredients’, discover best selling designs already being sold, craft your design ideas for your products, and develop a plan to get your own designs made. 

Here’s what’s included in The Print On Demand Challenge by Joe Robert

  • 14 days of video coaching with Joe Robert
  • Niche multiplier method video training and coaching
  • 7 figure seller secrets (bonus interview content)
  • Print on demand supplier interviews (Bonus interviews)
  • Undercover design hacking training and coaching

Meet your course instructor Joe Robert

Joe Robert 1

Joe Robert has been selling products online for the past 15 years, and has been building various POD brands for the past 3 years. He has created a full time income online doing this and has created this challenge to share knowledge and help other online business owners grow their businesses. The strategy he is teaching in the challenge is the same one he taught to all his students and has generated almost $1 million in sales. 

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