The Path of the Dreamshifter – John Perkins


The Path of the Dreamshifter by John Perkins will empower you to awaken the full spectrum of your consciousness and express the power of your inner soul. 

Discover The Path of the Dreamshifter with John Perkins

Just a little portion of your awareness is activated whether you read, meditate, or just imagine. To awaken the complete spectrum of our awareness, we may use dreamshifting, which uses travels and rituals to connect to both the subconscious and superconscious aspects of ourselves at the same time. Using precise approaches, you may make significant changes in the way you see your life, erasing life-denying tales and dysfunctional behaviors and attracting something much more lovely.

One of the world’s top shamanic specialists, John Perkins, will teach you how to use the powerful instruments he has collected from throughout the globe, from Peru to Nepal, in this seven-session course, The Path of the Dreamshifter. As a virtual ritual community, you’ll be able to participate in dream time with others. John will reveal the secrets shamans have imparted with him and lead you on profound Dreamshifting adventures that will rewire your perceptions of the universe, including your innermost beliefs. Students will learn about the Amazon and Andes, aboriginal and African cultures, North American indigenous peoples, and Bedouins from the Middle East.

Instead of eating inspiration, you’ll learn to catch your own on The Path of the Dreamshifter. You’ll walk away with a strong new set of tools for transforming your own and other people’s awareness. Spiritual, physical, and institutional dreamshifting all occur concurrently. You learn to transform negative, dense, or obstructed energy into your best purpose by working with these three levels and the many constituents in each. A physical ailment or a failing business might also benefit from dreamshifting methods. This course by John Perkins, The Path of the Dreamshifter, will teach you all you need to know about becoming a Dreamshifter in a way that is both comprehensive and integrated.


Here’s what you expect to learn from the course The Path of the Dreamshifter by John Perkins

  • Module 1: Dreamshifting Foundations
  • Module 2: Thriving in Revolutionary Time 
  • Module 3: The Marriage of Personal & Global Transformation 
  • Module 4: Clarifying Mission, Higher Purpose, & Goals 
  • Module 5: Onion Layers, Barriers & Hitting the Wall
  • Module 6: Breaking Through Barriers, Disposing the Onion Layers 
  • Module 7: Shapeshifting Yourself & Our World


Know more about your course mentor John Perkins

The Path of the Dreamshifter - John Perkins

It was in 1968 that John Perkins started his study of the shamanic practices of the Amazon. Since then, he’s traveled to six continents to study with and live among shamans. More than a million copies of his novels have been sold, and he has spent more than 70 weeks on the New York Times bestseller lists. A career in economics at a large consulting business that included working with the World Bank and UN as well as the IMF led him to dedicate the remainder of his life to helping people shift their perceptions about the world’s economic, political, and social institutions. There are several organizations that he has been involved with, such as Dream Change and The Pachamama Alliance, which are both devoted to developing an environmentally sustainable, just, peaceful (and healthy) society.

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