The New Supermind – Burt Goldman


The New Supermind training program of Burt Goldman will teach you how to use much more of your mind through principles, exercises, and proven methodologies.

Learn to use much more of your mind and see the results with The New Supermind training program of Burt Goldman

It was stated that Albert Einstein employed only 10% of his thoughts and that the ordinary individual only utilizes 2%. What would your life alter if you could utilize your intellect more? When you discover how to harness the genius which already resides inside them, business owners find more customers, couples treat their relationships, people who suffer from abuse feel more powerful, workers move quicker, people with chronic illness experience less pain. For 35 years Burt Goldman has taught individuals how to repair their lives and to reach new levels of professional accomplishment. It took him about a year to perfect the most life-changing lessons he knew to encourage healing and progress in the lives of everyone. The New Supermind is the sum of his expertise in 40 elegantly narrated audio CDs, easy to grasp.

Don’t deceive you with the Internet or modern media. You don’t require further information. All you need is the capacity to tap on your own skull already. My aim to assist normal people like you discover their potential to unblock health and happiness in their lives has always been and remains now. Remember, a genius is only a person who uses more than those around him. The New Supermind of Burt Goldman is partially based on the 7 powerful ideas of Hermes, an ancient wise man whose thought is based on the entire modern world. These seven principles actually respond to every human distress, which is mentalism, vibration, polarity, correspondence, rhythm, cause and effect, as well as gender.

Brief description of the contents covered in The New Supermind 

While CD 3 discusses this in depth, all 10 CDs assist you to use proven, easy-to-memorize methodologies to help you use your mind considerably more. You will finally comprehend the core reason of your lives, bodily, mental, emotional and spiritual agony. If you are fighting to move forward with your career, if your relationships are suffering, you suffer from physical suffering and stress, if you feel overwhelmed with sadness, anger, or stress in general, The New Supermind of Burt Goldman teaches you how to quickly and easily unravel these negative patterns.

The New Supermind is your entrance for your life to produce alternative results. Step through the door and unleash the seven principles of Hermes. You will have a new world of chance: a world that gives you access to health, success, money, stability and to all the joy and happiness that you deserve. When you only listen to the first Supermind CD, you may start using more of your mind and immediately unleash your capacity to generate more joy and success in your life. The audio of Supermind is easier to grasp and much easier to use in your daily life. Burt Goldman will walk you through every procedure and concept in a calm, straightforward manner. All you have to do is listen to something better than what you are presently living.

Here is the list of 10 CDs included in The New Supermind of Burt Goldman: 

  1. Tap into the Power of Your Supermind
  2. Master Your 9 Emotions
  3. 7 Keys to Developing a Super Mind
  4. Imagination: The Bridge to a Supermind
  5. A Super Mind is a Happy Mind
  6. All the World’s a Stage, so be an Actor
  7. Distant Viewing and the Law of Receiving
  8. Become a Money Magnet Using Your New Supermind
  9. Model the Rhythm of Success
  10. Smash Problems with Your New Supermind

Meet your mentor Burt Goldman

Burt Goldman

Burt Goldman, known to his followers as The American Monk, is a renowned meditator, spiritual counselor and specialist in spiritual power, and has dedicated his life to helping others in their lives to develop their own self-confidence. If he does not assist others, he always seeks to improve himself and continually works on new and fascinating initiatives. Burt Goldman was now on a new journey in his 1990s, making personally commissioned paintings packed with healing energy depending on what one person tells Burt that they desire out of life. The energetic paintings of Burt are already in more than 17 nations. More information may be found at

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