The New Agent Boot Camp – Keshia Johnson


The New Agent Boot Camp by Keshia Johnson 

The New Agent Boot Camp by Keshia Johnson

The New Agent Boot Camp by Keshia Johnson walks you through the fundamentals of techniques and knowledge to begin the career as a real estate agent. After working in the field of real estate investment, Keshia Johnson walks you through a solid foundation that a new agent needs to smooth the process and avoid the pitfalls. The step-by-step guidelines are shown along with the illustrations of case studies and examples, which can help you gain practical insights. 

There are many topics covered in the New Agent Boot Camp by Keshia Johnson, such as: 

  • The selection of the right brokerage. 
  • The security of clients and the maintenance of databases. 
  • The best practices of market research. 
  • How to leverage social media campaigns for your marketing and personal branding strategies. 
  • The tips and skills that help you close more deals faster. 
  • And so much more!

The fundamentals shared in the New Agent Boot Camp by Keshia Johnson can help you build a strong foundation of skills and techniques for sustainable growth of income as a new real estate agent. The coherent instructions on techniques and tips extracted from 20-year experience of the top real estate agent, Keshia Johnson, can help you accelerate the process of closing your deals. In other words, you can learn to speed up the profit momentum of your real estate business. The more deals you can close, the more income you can achieve. The basics is the anatomy of even the most complicated strategies. The best way to be on the right track is to know what they are. As a result, you need to be introduced to the proper system that is basic and simultaneously powerful for a starting point. 

The curriculum of the New Agent Boot Camp by Keshia Johnson includes:

  • Get Your Notepad Ready! Watch Full Webinar Here 
  • Tip For Bootcamp Students Only: Title Insurance Is Not Always Enough
  • Access to the Keshia Johnson’s Community

About Keshia Johnson

Keshia Johnson

Keshia Johnson has developed her real estate career since 2000 and gained success as the top producing agent. Keshia graduated from the University of West Georgia. She won the Rookie Of The Year by Coldwell Banker. After that, she continued to support a landmark development deal that led to one of North Atlanta’s premiere builders to the burgeoning South Atlanta community. The techniques and skills that Keshia Johnson has take time and her effort to practice and apply to reality. As a result, she became the top real estate agent for many years. Keshia has expertise in all areas of the industry, which makes her a versatile agent representing NFL stars, NBA players, and entertainment industry icons. Keshia Johnson has published  her first eBook, You Have Your License Now What?, showing a comprehensive walk-through on the fundamental actions and strategies to increase deal-closing rates. Besides writing books, Keshia Johnson has developed many online courses about the techniques and strategies that help you become successful real estate agents amid the highly competitive and volatile market. 

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