The Funnel Business Gameplan – Michael Killen


The Funnel Business Gameplan by Michael Killen sheds light on the techniques and strategies for the sustainable growth of business amid an unstable market.

The Funnel Business Gameplan by Michael Killen

The Funnel Business Gameplan by Michael Killen walks you through the entire process along with the best practices that you can only learn from insiders. The step – by – step guidelines are provided in the course, which has helped you get access to the shortcuts for the ultimate success of your business amid the highly competitive market. The focal points of the Funnel Business Gameplan by Michael Killen are the techniques and strategies that have been applied to real business and brought back the top – out profits for your business. 

What can you expect when taking the Funnel Business Gameplan?

  • Lesson 1 – Facts:

The failures of business are openly shared rather than hiding them. There are many strategies and techniques that help you fix the mistakes to build up a successful one. You need to know the errors and the solutions through in – depth analysis. The principles of success are openly shared. 

  • Lesson 2 – Unique:

You need to have the anchors to develop your business through the development of vision and missions for the clear cuts of business direction for the sustainable growth. 

  • Lesson 3 – Niche:

How to find or create your own market which has a niche target audience who is willing to pay for your products and services. The step – by – step guidelines on how to increase your prices, the selection of projects, lead attraction and generation, and so on are openly shared. 

  • Lesson 4 – Nail the Plan:

The creation of a funnel business is guided for the demystification of the business plan, which can help you win the powerful techniques and strategies. You can get the shortcuts to develop effective funnel business through the detailed instructions and illustrations of case studies. 

  • Lesson 5 – Earnings:

The best practices of pricing policies are pointed out so that you can gain the top – out profits through the art of charging for a marketing funnel. You can gain the consistency of earnings through the methods shown in this lesson. 

  • Lesson 6 – Leverage:

Insights into scalable products are openly shared in this lesson, which can help you win the concentration on how you can earn high profits without spending time and effort continuously. 

  • Lesson 7 – Sales:

Instructions on the effective system that is applied to attract leads and generate sales are provided so that you can increase the rates of conversion rates for the acceleration of sales cycles and profit earnings.

About Michael Killen

The Funnel Business Gameplan Michael Killen

Michael Killen is the founder of Sell Your Services Limited where you can get access to online courses and consulting as well as mentoring programs about business development and management. Michael Killen has helped many entrepreneurs start their companies through the funnel business model with the revenue of five figures. Before becoming the body and soul of Sell Your Services Limited, Michael Killen has been working in many positions, such as the Chief Marketing Officer at MeBox Media, the Head Coach, Digital Marketing Specialist at Devon Digital Design Ltd, etc., which provide useful impacts on business. 

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