The Flight System – Chris Barnard


The Flight System by Chris Bernard reveals what is scientifically holding back your vertical jump and teaches you a system to force a higher vertical. 

Become an elite jumper with The Flight System by Chris Bernard

To our knowledge, The Flight System by Chris Bernard is the only jump training technique that incorporates all four phases of vertical jump proficiency into a single, sequential process for steadily increasing your vertical leap. Instead of using the GTO’s brakes, this strategy uses Vertical Release Technology. By pounding on the same four vertical leap weak areas until they burst open, the same process that prevents your muscles from firing to their maximum potential also works to improve your four vertical jump weak spots.

The muscles in your body have a built-in defense system. The Golgi Tendon Organs are what they’re referred to as (or GTO for short). In addition, these GTOs work as a fulcrum for your vertical leap. Muscle stress is detected by the Golgi tendons. When you put your muscles under a lot of strain, as when you do a vertical leap, an inhibitory mechanism kicks in, causing your muscles to relax. To protect your muscles from injury, your body uses this protective mechanism. Great athletes have learnt to lower the action of the GTO receptors despite the possibility of increasing their risk of injury in some way, most likely via their freak genetics. There is a new method developed by Exercise Scientists recently that not only turns off your GTO, but also increases the intensity of your muscles without putting yourself in danger. The greatest thing is that it can be utilized by anybody, no matter their height, weight or gender.


A brief description of what you will learn inside The Flight System by Chris Bernard

  • Exact program that will guarantee that you will triple your vertical jump in a matter of weeks.
  • The majority of athletes’ training focuses on increasing their vertical jump, which effectively eliminates any possibility of ever jumping higher.
  • A simple technique for immediately increasing your vertical jump’s height.
  • The three jump training errors that practically every athlete makes without even realizing it.
  • Exercises that need your body to spring effortlessly.
  • How to precisely locate your vertical “sticking” spots, dissect them, and transform them into explosiveness.
  • The one thing you can do five minutes before a game to assure your vertical power is increased.
  • The critical mobilization and activation drills performed prior to training that will boost your vertical during your workout.
  • Drills to develop explosive single leg strength, which is necessary for making highlight reel plays.
  • How to use your increased vertical strength to become as deceptive as possible in the game and abuse defenders.
  • Develop the split-second reaction time that separates college players from professional athletes.
  • Uncover the desired single leg “pop” that the world’s finest jumpers possess.
  • Synchronize your kinetic chain with three stages to generate athletic movements that are both forceful and fluid.
  • Additionally, there is much more.

Get to know your trainer Chris Bernard – The creator of The Flight System

Chris Bernard The creator of The Flight System

Chris Barnard is the Head Strength Coach as well as the Founder of Overtime Athletes, a performance facility in St. Petersburg, Florida, dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals. During his ten years of training professional players in the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, the National Football League, and even Olympic competitors in Volleyball and Soccer, he has made it his personal goal to delve deeply into the science of developing exceptional power. In 2014, Chris Barnard dedicated a year and a half to figuring out how to produce an exceptional vertical leap in any athlete, regardless of their background. 

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