The Everything Bundle – Kayla M. Butler


The Everything Bundle by Kayla M. Butler walks through the best practices of business strategies and tactics to develop a profitable business from scratch

The Everything Bundle by Kayla M. Butler walks through the best practices of business strategies and tactics to develop a profitable business from scratch.

The Everything Bundle by Kayla M. Butler

The Everything Bundle by Kayla M. Butler is an all-in-one course where you can learn everything you need to start your business and earn profits with the aid of effective marketing and business strategies and tactics. 

What can you expect when taking the Everything Bundle by Kayla M. Butler?

Module 1: Becoming CEO – Developing Methods for Magic in YOU

In this module, you will get access to lessons sharing the mindset of a CEO, the best practices of time management, and the kinds of business models, and so on. 

  • Lesson 1: Are you being the CEO in your business?
  • Lesson 2: Addressing your beliefs about business
  • Lesson 3: How is your relationship with money affecting you?
  • Lesson 4: Alignment
  • Lesson 5: Your relationship with time
  • Lesson 6: What’s keeping you down? How to relinquish and let go of the biggest thing holding you back 
  • Lesson 7: Identify the type of business you’re best suited to start

Module 2: How You Work – Methods for Magic in Getting Things Done

You will learn how to make a plan for the development of your business, through the detailed instructions on many aspects, such as KPIs, metrics, the role of a CEO, and so on. 

  • Lesson 1: Define your breakthrough year 
  • Lesson 2: Planning 90 days in advance 
  • Lesson 3: Understanding KPIs and key metrics
  • Lesson 4: Your role as entrepreneur and CEO – the evaluation
  • Lesson 5: How to make a difference and work on projects to “move the needle”
  • Lesson 6 :2 things to get anything done

Module 3: Methods for Magic in Mapping Out Business

The action session starts in this module when you can learn to attract more prospects and have more sales through the models and systems instructed. 

  • Lesson 1: Choosing a DONE business
  • Lesson 2: Your Ascension Model
  • Lesson 3: Attract
  • Lesson 4: The easiest way to make more sales

Module 4: How to Market Your Business – Methods for magic in Marketing

You learn how to take advantage of social media platforms for the growth of your prospects, which means you can increase chances for your conversion. The methods and strategies are shared in this module through the lens of reality. 

  • Lesson 1: Choosing the right launch for you 
  • Lesson 2: Developing social & sales messages that engage 
  • Lesson 3: Attract (grow your list)
  • Lesson 4: How to keep your email list

Module 5: How to Outsource Your Business – Methods for Magic in Asking For and Receiving Help

Illuminating insights into outsourcing are openly shared, so that you can have more information to consider such a method in the development and management of your business.

  • Lesson 1: The benefits of outsourcing
  • Lesson 2: How to make sure you don’t get frustrated with outsourcing
  • Lesson 3: How to get the best results from outsourcing
  • Lesson 4: Common outsourcing mistakes
  • Lesson 5: About the templates

About Kayla M. Butler

Kayla M. Butler

Kayla M. Butler has been the founder and CEO of, the platform for creating new digital tools and resources for small business owners to build their dream business. The portfolio of Kayla M. Butler will wow you for the high levels of skills in many aspects, such as business, design, photography, marketing, and so on. It is due to the variety of her working experience. Kayla M. Butler has worked in wide ranging industries, such as Historic Preservation, Commercial and Residential Construction, Manufacturing, Interior Design, Digital Publishing, Marketing, Digital and Commercial Product Photography, and so on.

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