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The Essential Cleanse is a complete training created by Alice Nicholls to teach you how to cleanse your body, your mind, and live in harmony with our nature.

Detox your body and your environment as well with The Essential Cleanse class by Alice Nicholls

Humans have been shown to handle and remove a normal amount of hazardous exposure rather readily according to research. Truth be told, what’s now considered normal? We’ve never been exposed to so many chemicals and poisons on a daily basis in history. As a result, doing a cleanse and detox every now and again is a smart idea. Some lifestyle changes might help our bodies’ natural detoxification processes and immune systems remain robust.

When you go through The Essential Cleanse, you’ll learn how to look at nutrition from a perspective of nourishment rather than a one of denial or shame. It’s a four-week course taught by Alice Nicholls that’s aimed to help you spring clean your body, mind, and environment. While it helps with physical bodily cleansing and supporting elimination organs, it also helps with emotional and spiritual well-being, and helps with environmental cleansing.

Essential oils can be a terrific method to help your body get rid of toxins during your next detox and cleaning plan, but keep in mind that no oil is a miracle cure-all. It’s a noble goal to lead a lifestyle that gives our bodies the energy and vigor to cleanse on a regular basis, and it’s one that we can achieve if we concentrate on incorporating fundamental parts of holistic health.

Over time, as a society, we’ve managed to draw humans so far away from nature that it’s almost unbelievable. Even as we become more ill – more disconnected from nature, more addicted to drugs and more medicated – many people still struggle to find answers because we have pathologized, medicalized and commoditized every stage of life, from birth to death, and separated our innate knowing and connection to the soil, plants, ocean and ourselves. We can no longer see the trees for the big-beauty, big-marketing, big-pharma, and big-corporations whose success depends only on our going along a road of disconnection, rather than not seeing the forest for the trees. There is more dis-ease and chaos the further away we are designed to be from our naturalness. The only way we can proudly and intentionally pass on our wellbeing to our children is to recall and reestablish our relationship with our natural environment and the synergy we share with Her. So Alice Nichools produced the Essential Cleanse course to help you learn how to protect your body by using ingredients from our own backyard.


What awaits you in The Essential Cleanse training class of Alice Nicholls

  • The subconscious mind and belief’s biology
  • Food preparation + functional cooking
  • Purification of the energy bodies of the self and the home generational patterns and emotions
  • Aesthetic cure
  • Developing personal care products from natural, basic ingredients
  • Simple meal shopping list to accompany your cleansing
  • Cleansing recipe ebook
  • Access to Q&A with the cleanse’s leaders


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Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and Wellness Advocate Alice Nicholls is a firm believer in the need of delivering really straightforward health advice. Using Earth-based education, goods, and courses, she is devoted to rekindling links to natural living, longevity, independence, and vitality, as well as to one’s own self-discovery. The goal of Alice Nicholls’s training program is to help you eliminate toxins from your life, consume food that heals your body and helps you flourish, and to encourage conscious health while inspiring others to do the same.

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