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The Day Trading ES Futures Blueprint by TheoTrade shares the trading routines to have the best preparations and applications of strategies and techniques.

The Day Trading ES Futures Blueprint by TheoTrade


The Day Trading ES Futures Blueprint by TheoTrade walks you through the best practices to set up the trading day for the best earnings without undertaking high risks. The illustrated case studies and examples are shared in the course, so that you can obtain realistic points of view about the trading market, and how to apply the trading methods and strategies. 


What can you expect when taking the Day Trading ES Futures Blueprint by TheoTrade?


  • The best practices of how you can collect information of what will happen in the next trading day are shown so that you can have better preparation
  • The signals showing that a market is in a range or a trend are pointed out so that you can have suitable strategies and tactics.  
  • The patterns of good trades and bad trades are shown so that you can trade with market dynamics or avoid the harmful ones. 
  • The benefits of trading the ES are shown so that you can gain the favourable positions with the aid of the most liquid and widely traded market. 
  • Access to the powerful tools and strategies that can help you gain valuable insights from analysis conducted in many market conditions is shared so that you can trade confidently and profitably. 
  • Instructions on the day structure are provided so you can trade with much more objective analysis, strategies without any guess work. 
  • Take glimpses into the checklists that a professional trader uses to win high profits without undertaking high risks for more than 13 years. 
  • The generation of intraday profits when you have a small account is possible with the techniques and strategies, in addition to the sustainable growth. 
  • Instructions on different types of trades are combined with the illustrations of case studies and examples as well as charts. 
  • The useful and insightful market internals as well as market correlations are shown along with how they can provide you with the trading edge to have much more favourable positions. 
  • And so much more!

About TheoTrade

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TheoTrade has been known for many courses and trading programs that can help you master many powerful techniques and strategies for trading profitability and consistency of winning in such a highly volatile market. There are three main reasons why you should take the courses of TheoTrade, such as:

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The instructors of TheoTrade courses are all professional traders who have more than 15 years of experience. Therefore, you can gain access to the practical techniques, strategies and cutting – edge tools when taking part in the courses with the TheoTrade instructors. 


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The comprehensive curriculums of many courses and trading classes with the TheoTrade classes are shared so that you can master and upgrade your trading techniques and strategies to earn high profits. 

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