The Broken Wing Butterfly Options Strategy – Greg Loehr


Greg Loehr’s Broken Wing Butterfly Options Strategy class will show you how to make money as well as how to win big when your research and timing are right.

Create consistency in your trading with The Broken Wing Butterfly Options Strategy class by Greg Loehr

Greg Loehr, a former CBOE market maker and proprietary trader, offers a Broken Wing Butterfly Options Strategy course to educate multiple trading students across the world. This trade is a vital element of the arsenal of theta positive options techniques of many seasoned traders. Once it is understood, the intermediate or advanced options trader might become a key monthly trading business.

This course allows you to understand how to create revenue even if you are wrong and you have the opportunity to make huge winnings when you properly anticipate the range and direction. Start utilizing the idea of stable monthly revenue to make your trade consistent. Greg Loehr will offer a comprehensive and sound explanation and implementation of the broken butterfly technique. Here is what you will be taught in The Broken Wing Butterfly Options Strategy class:

  • The option transaction that provides a high possibility of earning money in the majority of market situations.
  • How to obtain a sure profit in either direction.
  • Why the Broken Wing Butterfly option trading method provides a negative “lottery ticket”
  • The Broken Wing Butterfly is comparable to an option credit spread in that it fundamentally alters the risk/reward ratio in your favor.
  • How to utilize the Broken Wing Butterfly to define your risk in a trade plan that does not include a stop loss order, therefore boosting your odds of success.
  • Why the Broken Wing Butterfly Option Strategy is unique in that it can be used on stocks, indices, and exchange-traded funds.

The Broken Wing Butterfly Options Strategy of Greg Loehr consists of 4 sessions that will equip you to trade the Broken Wing Butterfly like a professional:

  • Session 1 is a 38-minute introduction to the Broken Wing Butterfly’s basics.
  • Session 2 is 60 minutes long and focuses on trading and managing Bullish Broken Wing Butterflies.
  • Session 3 is 46 minutes long and focuses on reversing the trade to the call side of the market in order to handle a Bearish Broken Wing Butterfly trade. This trade provides a guaranteed profit regardless of market conditions.
  • Session 4 is 39 minutes in length and covers advanced Broken Wing Butterfly topics, including as volatility concerns, strategy variants, and multiple position strategies.

Learn more about the instructor Greg Loehr

Greg Loehr

Greg Loehr has been involved in the options trading sector since 1990 when he initially started working with Susquehanna Investment Group, the main proprietary options trading company. Loehr began his career at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the future and options operation of the Susquehanna FX as part of a team supporting five currency option traders, as well as the Philadelphia Stock Exchange traders and the London spot currency trading desk. His instruction came in the form of game theory, theory of quantitative options and pricing and the management of the position risk. Greg spent time with the firm’s founding partners before trading the company’s money as an equity options market owner for the following three years on the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

After leaving the business in 1995, Greg Loehr co-founded Third Millennium Trading, LLC with a Susquehanna colleague. He continued to trade on the CBOE floor and co-managed a retail business. He was also responsible for teaching the company’s market makers to trade the capital of the company. Loehr quit the trading floor after 9 years as a member of the CBOE. In 2004, he realized his enthusiasm for sharing his expertise, teaching strategies, online courses and weekend seminars. Loehr’s approach to schooling alternatives breaks down the theory for tactics, as he outlines every expert on Wall Street’s fundamental talents to useful and practical specifics.

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